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 Consumer Thought:

1.  TIRED OF BEING RIPPED OFF BY BANKS? - Credit Unions did not require a "Bailout" from the FEDS!  They have lower interest rates and are much easier and nicer to deal with.  We can't publish all the complaints we have received concerning banks.  

2.  BUSINESS OWNERS BEWARE AMERICAN EXPRESS HAS SPENDING LIMITS - If you own a business, and pay bills automatically with American Express be careful!!!  American Express claims "we have no preset spending limit."  Not true!!  Their advertising is very deceitful.   You will be home one night and receive a call from American Express stating "you have exceeded your limit,  the bill must be paid and  you will not be allowed to charge until it is paid." What limit, you ask!!!  "I have no pre-set spending limit, it says so on your website on my account page"!!!  American Express does not tell you the truth!   Your business will shutdown until you pay up.

3.  Interest Rates are down Home values may be falling -  If you are thinking about refinancing your home DO IT NOW!!! Or if you are buying a new home, now is the time to do it.  Remember, even if you don't have the best credit, you can still get qualified for a home with zero to 5% down depending upon your credit score.  FHA has good rates and, if you have a good credit history for the past year, you might qualify with a low credit score.  You might consider a "HUD Home," or a "Foreclosure."  Click on "Mortgage Info" or "Foreclosure Lists" above.  Or, click here, for more information.

Click here to submit your consumer question, feedback or, publish your complaint on this web site.    

To view complaints by category click on the link "Private Sector" or "Public Sector" at the top of this page.  For the latest complaints and Consumer updates (Listed in Alphabetical Order) CLICK on the link Below (new entries are highlighted in red):  




-  123  -


12 year old has sentence changed

22 years on death row and free


-  A  -


A & A Painters and Home Repair, Miami, Fl.

AAA Advantage Auto Transport

AC Delco

AC Delco Battery Warranty

Accutane Alert

Adaptec Software


Allstates of America

American Debt Solutions

American Express

American Express Lawsuit

American General Finance

American Vision Kitchens Inc.

AOL Again

AOL Billing

AOL Decency Enforcement Policy

Arava Class Action Suit

Artificial Insemination

AT&T California

AT&T Calling Cards

aT&T & sprint

AT&T & Verizon

AT&T Consumer Settlement

AT&T Strikes Again

AT&T Survey Scam

AT&T Wireless

Atlas Vacations


-  B  -


baby rattle recall

Baycol User Alert/Lawsuit

BBW Datefinder

Beechmont Toyota, Cinti, Ohio

Bell South Strikes at the Heart of a Family

Benefits of Tea

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

biological warfare protection

BMG Music

BullsEye Telecom



-  C  -


California Smoker's Class Action Suit

Calories burned

Car Repair, Dixon, Calif.

Century 21?

Charter One Bank Glen Falls

Chase Bank

Child Abuse


CI Strikes Again

Cingular Wireless

Circuit City

Citibank Credit Card Interest Rate Scam

Citibank Credit Card Problem


CitiCard again

CitiCard again and again


ColonMate Glendale, Calif.

Colorado Privacy Decision

Comp USA

Consumer Alert Bextra

Consumer Alert Betty Crocker

Consumer Alert Spyware

Consumer Alert Vioxx

Consumer Tips Cancer Trial Information

Consumer Tips Credit Unions

Consumer Tips Google Search Download

Consumber Tips Groceries

Consumer Tips Quick Lubes

Consumer Tips Sales Tax Deduction

Consumer Tips Toyota Prius

Contact lens solution

Contractor - Home Remodelers Bradley Beach, NJ

Contractor Nightmare

Credit Card Rip off

Credit Card Rip Off Again

Credit  Reporting Reform


Curves Brooklyn New York


-  D  -


Daewoo TV

Dead River Gas

Decosol Window Treatment

Desert Springs Hospital, Metairie, Louisiana

Diet Programs

Direct Merchants Bank Credit Card Rip off

DirecWay Internet Satellite System

DirecWay Internet Service

Disabled vs. Seniority

DNA Evidence Frees Convict

DNA Prison Releases by State

Dodge Truck

Dog Mauling Case Update

Door to Door Magazine Sales

Door to Door Sales


-  E  -


Ebay Purchase Complaint

Econo-Lube, Kansas City



Extended Warranty's


-  F  -


Feistiva Resorts Bahamas

F. Schumacher & Company

Fen-Phen or Redux Lawsuit

Financial Privacy

Firestone Tire, Memphis

Firestone Tune-up Problems

First Merchants Bank

First National Bank Marin, Ky

Fish and depression

Fleet Strikes Again

Fleet Strikes again and again

Flexprotex Television Promotion

First USA Bank

Ford Diagnostics Problem

Fred Haas Toyota

Freedom Debt Management


-  G  -


Good Bad Ugly Prisoner Abuse

Good Bad Ugly Buried Alive

Good Bad Ugly Rescue

Gateway Credit


-  H  -


H&R Block, Philadelphia

Headache help

Health and Fitness - Caffeine

Health and Fitness - MaxoDerm

Help for the blind

Help the FBI

High Blood Pressure

High School Drug Sting


home shopping network

Hormone replacement

Hospitals Lake Charles, La Memorial Hospital

Hotels - Embassy Suites

Hotels Hilton Hotel, Houston

Hotels Hampton Inn Ft Myers, Fl

Hotels.Com Causes Trouble

Hotels Motel 6 Vancouver

Hotels Days Inn Kansas City, Missouri

Hotels Motel 6 Seaside, Oregon

Hotels Motel 6 Seaside, Oregon

Hotels Motel 6 Seaside, Oregon 2

Hydro Spa

Hydro Spa Second Complaint


-  I  -

IC Services

Identity Theft


Indy Honda

Interesting Decisions Drug Dog Sniffing

Internet America

Internet Directory


-  J  -


Jack LaLanne

Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake

JD Marvel Products, Canada

Jennifer Leathers

Journey Shoe Store


-  K  -


Killer dog murder trial


Kirby Vacuums

Kitten Abuse


-  L  -

Landscaping Consultant Central Florida

Law Enforcement 20 year old death

Law Enforcement DNA Evidence Prisoner Release

Law Enforcement Genarlow Wilson 10 year Sentnce

Law Enforcement Genarlow Wilson Release

Law Enforcement Brooklyn Teenager Shot

Las Vegas Palace Hotel

Leather Land USA

Legal help for victims of the wtc attack

Lincoln Navigator/Aviator Premium Fuel issue

Lipokinetix Dietary Supplement

Lt. Col. McSally


-  M  -


Man Stuck in Windshield

MBNA Again

MBNA again and again

MBNA Balance Transfers

MBNA class action suit

MBNA Credit Card Raises Interest

MBNA Ups Rates

Medical Notes Anti-Inflamatory Drugs and Cancer

Medical Notes Thyroid Cancer

Minnesota Metro Classic Homes

Monotronics Security

More Credit Card Scams

Mortgage Rates

Multiple Sclerosis Research


-  N  -


National Car Rental Hawaii

National Prescription Service

National Warranty Insurance Co., Lincoln, NE

New hearing aid


Nice Lioness

Nicor Gas

Northampton Honda


-  O  -


OJ Simpson

Olan Mills

Olde City Abstract Company, Philadelphia!

Osteoporosis and Aids update

Orders Plus, Memphis

Organic Foods Are They Better?


-  P  -


Park Central Hotel, New York City

Paypal.com, please help

Petmarket.com 2

Pet market.com

Phillips Television Problem

Plasma VS LCD Televisions

Poison control

Polaris Waverunner

Police Brutality

Police Run Over Dog in Fremont, Ca

Prepaid Credit Card Rip-Off

President Bush's Volunteer initiative

Pressure treated lumber

Prestige Travel, Omaho, Ne


Provida Life Sciences

Provida Life Sciences, Second Complaint


-  Q  -


Questionable People F-16 Strafing-

Questionable People Pharmacists


-  R  -


Recall Whirlpool DeHumidifiers

Recall Dell AC Adapter

Recall Black and Decker Drills

Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

Reduce your chances of anthrax infection

Reverse Mortgages

Roto-Rooter Delaware

Roto-Rooter Again and Again

Roto-Rooter Again

Roto-Rooter Essex, Connecticut

Roto-Rooter Ripoff?

Roto-Rooter Strikes Again


-  S  -

Sears Credit Card

Sears is Rude Again

Sept. 11th Victims Compensation Fund

Seville Hotel, Miami, Florida

Sleep Research

Smart Card Pros



Soldier Accused

Sophisticated Seconds, Philadelphia, Penn.

Spinach vs. Strokes

Sprint and Roaming Charges

Sprint, Grandville, Michigan

Sprint PCS


St John's Wort



Swepco, Shreveport, La 2

Swepco, Shreveport, La

Synthetic Stucco Lawsuit



-  T  -


Telemarketing Alert

Texas Cash Out Refinances

Texas Electric Utility Mess

TGI Fridays Mechanicsburg, PA

The Good Guys

The latest on coffee

Thrifty Travel Jacksonville, FL

Thrifty Travel Georgetown, KY

Tickets Up Front Law Suit

Tidewater Supply

Totan's TV, Chicago, Illinois

Trane Heating/Air Conditioning


-  U  -



UBID.com, strike two

UBID.com 3rd Complaint

US First Finance Vehicle Sublease Company

US Government Bond Recall

Utilities Nicor Solutions Dekalb Illinois


-   V  -





-  W  -


Wal-mart Auto

Wal-mart Automotive

Walmart Oil Change

Walsh Engineering

We salute Illinois Governor

Wells Fargo Bank

West Nile Virus

Westin Hotel, Atlanta

Westin Hotel, Chicago


Whirlpool dehumidifiers

Whittier Paving, Haverhill, Mass










This web site is dedicated to providing information which is of interest to the consuming public and to provide a medium for consumers to publish complaints about bad and  unethical behavior in the "private Sector"  (including retailers, financial institutions, communications, services, etc.),  and the "Public Sector" (including State and Local Government, and Law Enforcement).  additionally, we provide Consumer Tips, Consumer Alerts, Legislative News, Health and Fitness Notes, Products and Services geared toward consumer interests, and other interesting categories.  Our "Question/Complaint Service" provides a means to get answers to consumer questions and publish your complaints on this web site.  Plus,  we will send a "notification of publication" letter on your behalf.

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DISCLAIMER:  COMPLAINTS ARE PUBLISHED BASED UPON CONSUMER IMPRESSIONS OF SERVICE RECEIVED which may or may not accurately reflect what actually transpired.   "TATTLETALE CONSUMER HOTLINE" keeps records of all complaints received and will provide them upon written request.  


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