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FORD MUSTANG RECALL - (John Baptiste, FL) - Hi; My complaint is on a recall from Ford motors on a 1995 Mustang V-6 head gaskets. This was my daughters car and I wanted to get it done to avoid problems while traveling. I drove the vehicle to my local dealer to get the work done. While at work I received a call from dealer who said there's a problem with the catalytic converter, I said that I drove the vehicle there and there was no sound of a converter problem, I asked how much to make this repair? She said $1,800. I said do not do anything till I can get there. When I arrive at the dealer The girl service rep who assisted me in the beginning said she was not supposed to do this but she would bring me back to the service area to speak with the the gentleman doing the work. When I got to the service area, I asked him what was the problem with the converter? He: said nothing was wrong with converter, but there was a teak in the exhaust system. I told him in after hearing the problem , that I drove the vehicle to the garage and there was not an exhaust leak when driving it to be worked on. I then questioned him about the procedure on removing the head gaskets and having to remove the exhaust to do the work, He turned to me in disagreement and said: the exhaust was leaking when he got it. (( NOT )). The sales rep. the said she would take me to the service manager to see what he could do. When in his office he asked the all important question ( How may I help You? )I proceeded to tell him my driving the car to the garage and the problem that exists from work that was done to vehicle with damages. He said to me in a very mild manner, (CAN I PROVE IT?). My statement was yes I own to Mustangs, owned nothing but Fords and I would no longer own Fords If I had to prove to him that the car didn't have an Exhaust leak when I brought it in.  I went home - emailed Ford the same and never heard a word back from them. I now own a Dodge pick-up, Nissan Altima and a Chevy Equinox LT. Thanks Ford....





WHAT A RIPOFF! - (R. Scott, San Francisco, CA) - Taylormade Automotive, South San Francisco, CA. This company was sold while my vehicle was in their shop. They kept my car for about six months "waiting for parts" mostly then the labor time they told me. Well I never was given an estimate and when I started to really push to get my vehicle completed they said come down and pay and by the way we found one more thing that needs to be done. I went to the shop paid them $3000.00 dollars and was told it would be ready in three days. Well 10 days later when I went to pick up my vehicle they said you still owe us $2000.00 more dollars or you don't get your car. I didn't know what to do, so I put it on my credit card and would try and fight them with the aid of my credit card company. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS GREEDY< DISHONEST SHOP>





THIS WASN'T FAIR - (Eric McTye, Kansas City, KS) - Halls Family Sales & Service, 1300 E. 63rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64110, (816)363-5674.  This is the problem: October 4, I took in my 99 Dodge Intrepid for a diagnostic check. The diagnostic check costs $79.95. The vehicle was shutting off while I was driving so we needed to know what's causing the problem. On October 7th my I called Halls because we had not heard from anyone at the shop. I was told that it may be a problem with the thermostat but they didn't know yet. I stopped by Halls on the morning of October 8th, 2004 to see if that was in fact the problem because no one ever called back after the initial guesswork about a non functioning thermostat. Instead of them informing me about the diagnostics I was handed a bill for unauthorized repairs of $486.03. That's a long way off from a $79.95 diagnostic check. My wife and I made a trip together back to Hall's the morning of October 8th, 2004 to voice our concerns to the owner, Pancho V. Hall. My wife and I offered to pay for the parts and sales tax which is basically half of the bill. He refused citing that! he's being taken advantage of. His counter offer was to remove the new parts, put them on someone elses Intrepid and put my old parts back on. All of that instead of allowing us to pay for them!  I don't think this is fair business practice and I don't think anyone should be allowed to operate this way. The shop did the unauthorized work but won't return my vehicle in working order until I pay them. This is the second time in the past year that this same shop has done unauthorized repairs on one of our vehicles. My hand is being forced because I need my car. I can't afford to pay for this and the owner acts as if he's done me a favor by making unauthorized repairs and charging me way over the amount I anticipated. I would not have authorized the repairs if Halls would have called beforehand. I would have picked up my vehicle after the diagnostic check, paid for the assessment and parked it in my driveway until I made a decision on what to do! about it.





WHAT GOES AAA ADVANTAGE? - (Roger Runion, New Castle, Wa) - AAA Adavtage Auto Transport, 8920 S Hardy, Tempe AZ 85284, Type Business - Auto Transport Company.  Paid them to manage and transport 2 cars from Dallas to Seattle Complaint - I spent hours on my cell phone to them and their carrier because of their failure to manage the effort as they were paid to do.  

Per Sales Department:

1.    I was told that I would receive a 24 hour notice before pick-up - I got a 3 hour notice.

2.    Day before pick-up I discovered the 2nd car had never been scheduled for pick up.

3.    I was told that I would receive a 24 hour notice for drop off in Seattle - they called me in Seattle and wanted to drop off in a few       hours.

4.    I was told that if the cars arrived before I did in Seattle, they would automatically go to a local Seattle terminal.

5.    The cars arrived 2 days earlier then me and the driver nor their dispatch had any information on what to do with the cars, I spent hours on my cell phone fixing this at a $1.00 a minute. On hold 1 hour with Advantage, multiple calls with driver, their dispatch and the terminal in Seattle.

6.    The Lexus arrived with a damaged front bumper.

7.    I was told that the transport was 100% covered by insurance 8. Now their passing off the damage issue to the carrier they contracted with, who indicates no interest paying this claim.




THIS COULD OF BEEN MUCH WORSE!!! - (Vicki Lowe) - A Chrysler 300m was taken out of gear by a 3 year old in Painted Post, New York.  The car rolled out of gear and into a house.  Chrysler says they are not at fault even though the key WAS NOT IN the ignition and the brake WAS NOT depressed.  They knew about this problem long ago.  This happened on August 11, 2004 and they knew about this problem long before and had enough time to let the public know yet they DID NOT feel responsible.


UNRELIABLE FORD DIAGNOSTICS COSTS THIS CONSUMER BIG BUCKS!! - (Linda Brazenec, Schnecksville, ?)  On Feb.10,2004 Ford dealer charged $77.57 for diag test to determine reason for pinging sound. Result-est. $838.73 for repairs. Told me the timing cassette is coming apart and this could destroy the engine if I continue to drive it. Based on that, on Feb.18,2004 my mechanic opened up the motor and found no problem. The cassette was like new. Had to charge me $519.46 for the labor intensive work and gaskets. Pinging sound was still there, but disappeared after filling with high test gas. Ford will not respond to my question of how accurate the diag testing is. Public should be aware of this major problem. Thank you, Linda Brazenec


Poor customer service  Vacaville Dodge:  (Mark Resendes Dixon, California): I'm glad I found this web site while searching for something else. I owned a dodge Intrepid which I sold to a friend. Before selling it I took it to Vacaville Dodge for a tune up and to replace what may eventually go out. It had 90,000 mi. on it. I replaced the pump, belts and hoses. When I was told the hoses needed replacing because they have a 90,000 mi on them, I told them do not touch them unless they show signs of wear, are spongy or weather cracked. I am in the military and maintain support equipment for a living, it's safe and easy to tell the difference. I was told the were in terrible shape and I should replace them. At a cost of a few hundred buck they did. Fortunately I always ask for my parts back. Wouldn't you know, there was nothing wrong with them and a couple of hoses that were in fact really worn did not get replaced. The ignored several phone calls and never bothered to explain the obvious or return money of course. Another example of poor customer service and trying to make a few extra bucks at the expense of a good customer.  I used Dixon's,  Ron Du Pratt Ford several times for repair work and custom detailing of my car with great customer service until this recently. A person there who tries to manage the customer service department, in my opinion, is the worst liar I have ever seen or heard. I recently had them do some work on my 1970 BMW as they said the could fix the problems I had. When I picked it up, I unfortunately had a brake cable get hung up on the rear brake pad which was stuck in the break on position. The brake finally loosened up, but I took it back for them to look at and fix. After explaining what was wrong, I told them to fix it. I received a phone call from this manager that I needed a couple of other things changed like the brake cylinder and the cables. I agreed, and a week later I received a call from another rep there as the other or original rep was on vacation. He explained the problem and said I also needed to bring by the from brakes since I supplied the rear. I asked why he was changing the brakes, if only one of them was bad, and the rest were in great shape. He didn't know why, but he knew I had the front brakes. I then asked him when he knew about the bad brake in the rear. He said he just found out. My point is, they were replacing stuff before they found out the real problem. It turns out ( I have the spare parts) that the cables are still good and the only thing that needed replacing was the cylinders and the one break pad, nothing else. I called the them on it and of course they denied knowing anything about before hand info and they always replace brakes as a whole. In that case why did they let me just replace the rear and not the front. They didn't correctly diagnose the problem before fixing my car and they also said they told me everything over the phone along with the cost and I said O.K. The only thing I will ever give them again will be a bad reference to everyone I meet. 


A NATIONAL CAR RENTAL NIGHTMARE - (Irene O'Connell, Newton Falls, Ohio) I rented a van from National Car Rental in Honolulu, Hawaii from 9/7/02-9/17/02.  The van was vandalized and I gave National all the information they needed.  Their was less and a dime size hole in the drivers side door that burglars used to open the door and steal over $2500.oo worth of money and valuable's.  I used my insurance company so didn't pay the extra insurance.  I was never told of the rampant crime in Hawaii.  The van was dirty when we got it and I had to pay an additional $10.00 per day for each additional driver.  I am paying my $250.00 deductible, plus they want a $50.00 administration fee and $28.00 loss of use.  My camera was stolen, so we took no pictures of the damage.  Being in Hawaii my insurance company didn't ask for pictures.  I feel we have been robbed twice.  I always used National/Alamo for rentals, but never again. The woman I dealt with was very belligerent.  I can see why they are under a bankruptcy protection.  But why do I have to the one to take them out of it?????


ac Delco doesn't live up to rep's promise - AC Delco refused to reimburse my costs of a new Starter Cable and towing after one of their "7 Year Guaranteed" battery's casing and positive pole failed, less than a year after purchase, with resultant damage to my auto. In addition, their phone center rep mislead me by stating I would receive "paperwork in the mail" that I might use to submit a claim. Instead I got a letter disclaiming any responsibility beyond replacing the battery. Fortunately for me Saturn Inc. is more customer oriented. They've seen fit to reimburse the $110.00 I incurred from damage caused entirely by an A Delco battery. I'll never purchase another AC Delco battery, and I'll be sure to recount this incident to all my relatives and friends.


Did Econo-lube do it, or did they not do it?  (Denise Debus, Kansas City, Missouri)  On 10-23-02 I took my car to ECONO LUBE N TUNE so they could do a front-end alignment on my car, since they could not get to it on Monday after putting on new struts. On Monday I asked them to check my sparkplugs and see if I needed a tune-up, I was told that the sparkplugs looked good and it would be up to me if I wanted a tune-up. Since winter is approaching and I drive with a 3-year-old in the car I told them to give it a tune-up on Wednesday when the car was in getting alignment. I dropped the car off at around 8:15am and they told me it would be ready sometime around noon. I called at noon and they told me my car was ready come pick it up, I work 2 blocks from the shop and was there in just a couple of minutes. To my surprise the car was not there, I was told it was taken to another shop to have the alignment, I did not know my car was going to be driven that distance by an Econo Lube employee. I got the car went back to work. Left work and drove home, 14.3 miles waited about 1 hour and took my daughter to dance class 13.9 miles. As I was about to pull into the dance studio the service engine light came on and smoke came pouring out of the car!! It was 10 till 6, I called Econo Lube, they were angry that I expected them to come look at the car 10 min before closing, yes I yelled very loud at Don, who finally sent someone who knew very little about the work done on my car. He did state that they could not get the back 3 spark plugs out and that they only replaced the front 3. I pulled out my invoice and was very angry that I had been charged for 6, at that time the mechanic called the shop and was told after great efforts and problems that they were able to get the back 3 out, and did replace them.  Since that day I have found out, from my ex-husband who has over 25 years experience in automotive repair, and he called a couple other mechanics that he has worked with, that there is a water seal that surrounds the area that the spark plug is placed in to keep the spark plug cool, if any stress or pressure is placed on the spark plug in error it can and will cause enough stress to crack the cylinder. My car is now sitting with water in one of the cylinders. Keep in mind your company had my car inspected for a tune-up, was more than eager to tell me I needed brakes (now I wonder if that is true) found no other trouble with the car said I could go without the tune-up, which the sparkplugs would of showed a problem if it was there before they worked on it, I had no other problems, such as missing, smoking or stalling. But 29 miles after they did a tune-up with problems my car is not drivable.  The shop will not claim any responsibility they will pick up the car, but the statement is "I guarantee that this is not our problem" how can you take your only car to a shop like that. I guess I will be in small claims court


ac delco battery warranty scam -  (Brandon Crouch, Buna, Texas)  I own a 2001 Chevy p/u with an Ac Delco battery that is less than two years old. A plastic insert on the positive terminal melted, rendering the battery useless. I took the battery (original equipment) to the dealer where I purchased the vehicle and they refused to honor the battery replacement because my warranty had expired due to mileage. They referred me to AC Delco. I found a local service center and they refused to replace the battery even though it was clearly stamped with a six year warranty. I wrote Ac Delco and they said that when the warranty on the truck expired, so did their warranty. Makes no sense to me. I have an Ac Delco battery with a six year warranty that is no good. I checking with service departments of other local dealerships, I found that this is a very common problem.


Has firestone blown a tune-up?  (Allen Beilschmidt Sr, Tuckerton, New Jersey.)  Had a tune-up done at a firestone dealer. Tune-up was in excess of $250. Ever since the tune-up; my Honda Accord is stuck in the sports mode. I contacted Firestone Consumer complaints and they gave me a tracking # and informed me they would get back to me. four DAYS LATTER I e-mailed them again with no success. Finally I reached a Tom Wisner. Through e-mail I was told to have the Honda dealer see what is wrong. Honda never heard of this happening. I informed Fire Stone-via-e-mail. It's been three days now and they have not contacted me.  Meanwhile, my car is getting louder and holding back from shifting. My car was in excellent condition until the tune-up. How can a company charge such an outrageous price and leave my car this way?  How can the headquarters just ignore the issue?  Please advice!   And if possible the name of a lawyer who can deal with this negligence. THANK YOU! Allen P.Beilschmidt,SR.


are dodge trucks really "ram tough?"  (Cyndi Brown, Vacaville, California)  We had our 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 truck towed to the Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge & Jeep dealership in Vacaville, CA due to the transmission missing. They did a tune-up, oil change (not needed - done 3 days prior), etc. Told us truck was finished, 2 days after we had it towed in, For a cost of $1000.00. We picked it up, drove about 1 mile when the transmission blew completely. The tech at the dealership apparently forgot to do the transmission work. After re-towing vehicle, they decided we needed a transmission overhaul. We had truck towed to a transmission place for a second opinion. The torque converter had completely gone, and we needed a new (remanufactured) transmission. Cost - $2600.00. Daimler/Chrysler Corp. was contacted due to the tech telling us it was a factory defect. The only response I got was "You'll never be able to prove that!", and to be put on hold for an indefinite period of time - until I finally hung up. This vehicle is 2 years old, and has 45K miles on it. They advertise it as "Ram Tough", unfortunately they cannot stand behind their statements, nor will they give us the time of day regarding their product.


Beechmont Toyota, In Cinti, Ohio blew this one -  (Larry Taylor, Bethel, Ohio) I took my 1 year plus vehicle (wife’s car) in to Beechmont Toyota, Cinti, OH (bought new there) for oil change. Dealer wrecked car (literally), agreed to repair, but only at their body shop - took 3&1/2 weeks to get back Was given excuses from Service manager every time it was purportedly done and different excuses by body shop as to delay. Even at last minute when at dealers for pickup time when it was supposed to be ready They found another damaged part. (found bent motor mount after I came to pickup, they pulled one off a used vehicle on their lot. Why didn’t they see in the prior 3 & 1/2 weeks they had my car?) Would not give me any paperwork showing what they had repaired! Would not give me any guarantee as to work done! Don’t know if generic or “Geniune Toyota” parts were used. They gave me no time to look over vehicle or to test drive (end of day, of course) Paint has flaws where damaged. One fender, loose in corner, other fender on crooked. Wires damaged under hood. Bolts missing ,bent parts on radiator. Under hood paint not right in color and in wrong spots in engine compartment. Have list of eighteen things wrong with repair job. Service Manager blew me off with a “sorry"! General Manger agreed to “Bend Over Backwards” to answer my concerns and work something out. (Among which had car appraised at about $2,000 plus less than what current wholesale should be). Went back to dealer, was passed off from General to Sales Manager to Sales Rep. Poor guy, all he could say was can we make a deal on a trade-in. They offered several deals, all involving giving me less than wholesale book value for my car and buying theirs at full retail. Gee, I have a hard time being enthused about giving them my 2001 model plus $3,900 of my money for a 1999 model! I ask, who is supposed to bend over? “OH WHAT A FEELING” How much more was not repaired? How much will this cost me in the future? I had a one year plus old vehicle in perfect shape, now I have a repaired wreck worth less! It appears that Management at Beechmont Toyota really doesn’t want to help me, only give me lip service and stick it to me however they can. This car, which my wife's car, she now refuses to drive. Don’t know if repaired correctly. Don’t know who might have my key. Don’t have any reason to trust Beechmont Toyota. I'm so sorry ”because I bought my new Toyota from Beechmont Toyota”. Does anybody know where I can get a copy of Patsy Clines “I’M SORRY"? Here's what I'd like to see happen: As a loyal customer, I just want to be treated fairly by Beechmont Toyota! I don’t think I should have to suffer any loss because they wrecked my vehicle!


did firestone damage this car and try to cover it up?  (Debra Price, Memphis, Tennessee)  I had a most unsatisfactory experience with the Firestone Tire Company at 5151 Sumner Avenue, Memphis Tennessee, 38122.  On August 13, 2002, my car was taken to have the oil changed and the tires rotated. It was checked in at 2:27pm and released at 6:10pm. However I was charged for services I did not receive and upon noticing this, brought it to the technician's attention. The service was then performed but not completed until 7:30pm.  My main complaint centers upon the fact that there was body damage done to my vehicle while in the care of the Firestone service center. The damage was not noticed until the morning after the car was serviced, as it was dark by then and raining as well. I returned to the service center with the car, yet the service manager emphatically denies that the damage occurred while in his care. I am absolutely certain that this damage was not there when the car was brought in and even more so that it was not done after the car left the service center. It appears that the front of the vehicle struck some object.....there are cuts in the front bumper and scrapes that appear to be attempts to buff out some of the damage. The bumper is no longer centered on the car but appears to be pushed to the left. The car drives quite erratically now, which was noticed upon leaving the service center, but as it was after closing time and out of consideration for the employees, it was decided to wait until the next morning before bringing the car back to the service center.  The car was returned to the service center (August 14, 2002) and the response received in regard to the damage was that it did not happen while at that location. I understand that it's possible that company policy may prohibit employees of Firestone to incriminate themselves or the company in any way by admitting culpability in matters such as this, but I am adamant and standing firm on that this damage could have only happened while the car was in the care of the Firestone personnel. An estimated cost for the damage was made and totals over $1100.00.Several calls have been made in an attempt to get this resolved in some manner; however I've received no satisfaction in any area of this issue. The car was to have simply been serviced, as it was to have been driven from Memphis to California on August 18, 2002, yet it is now possible that the trip will have to be delayed until this matter has been resolved. I refuse to let this issue be ignored and respectfully request that Firestone agree to pay for the damage done to my car. Were I not absolutely certain that this damage occurred while the car was in possession of the service center, I would not be insisting that they rectify the problem at their expense. Many calls have been made to various representatives of Firestone; however, it appears no one wants to take any responsibility for the problem. I am adamant that this matter be resolved to my satisfaction and I will not let the matter drop until it is. I am very upset at the treatment I have been receiving and am prepared to take this matter further if necessary. Hopefully this can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction without more drastic action.


Is this a "honda" dealer ripoff or just a poor job of explaining the warranty?  (Jacqueline Engel, Indianapolis, Indiana)  I was under the impression when I purchased my used Honda Odyssey's warranty program that if my vehicle had to be kept over night for repairs that a rental vehicle would be provided. My vehicle #JHMRA1842VC017372 had a major problem on Sunday and I had the vehicle towed to Indy Honda. There was at least one belt broken and another came off so the vehicle would not steer and most of the warning lights were on. I went to the dealership first thing this morning (Monday) and was told that they were too busy to look at my vehicle today--it would probably be tomorrow. I ask about a rental and was told that they first had to identify the problem to see if it was covered under the warranty. Then they could put me in a rental. It is not my fault that they can't look at the car until tomorrow; however, I am without transportation for at least two days. I am a most unhappy Honda customer and certainly would not recommend Indy Honda to anyone.


Watch those extended warranty's and get a legal opinion prior to signing -  I have an extended warranty through "Phoenix American" out of Tampa, Fla. the bronze coverage I have covers the engine, but they are saying that it won't cover the fuel injectors, which is part of the engine. I purchased the extended warranty the day I bought the car.


paint peeling on chrysler mini-van -  (Toni Lenhart, West Covina, Ca) :  Do you have any prior complaints about the paint peeling on Chrysler mini vans - especially the 1995 Plymouth Voyager? Chrysler claims no recall and won't admit to any customer complaints.


Wal-Mart Store in Tomball, TX killed my car!  I have always considered myself to be a fair, level headed person but my experience with Wal-Mart Automotive and their insurance company, Claims Management, Inc. has definitely left my equilibrium a bit off balance.  It all started on May the 13th when my husband took my 1986 Corvette to Wal-Mart for an oil change. We thought everything was okay until two days later, when I discovered a substantial amount of oil in my driveway as my husband was leaving. I called him on his cell phone and he drove to O’Reilly Auto Parts to take a look.  The O’Reilly employees assisted him in removing the filter and discovered that the filter was not even for a Chevrolet but was in fact an oil filter for a Ford Pick Up truck. My husband purchased several quarts of oil and the correct oil filter and the O’Reilly employees discarded the wrong oil filter for recycling. My husband later called Wal-Mart and advised them of their mistake and they offered a free oil change.

Throughout the week, I noticed my car was running poorly and began “knocking”. A mechanic confirmed our worst nightmare-my engine was blown. My husband called Wal-Mart and advised them of the news. He was shocked when an employee replied, “Not another one!”

Wal-Mart turned us over to their insurance company, Claims Management, Inc. My husband stayed at home and lost a days work of pay to deal with the matter and rent a car. We were under the impression that we would be taken care of and we were shocked to learn that they denied our claim, stating that my car (which has been taken good care of) “had too many miles and was probably already like that.” This judgement was made only after the adjuster took a picture of my car. He never spoke with the mechanic or dared to inquire about why my car was knocking.

So, we posted signs around town and in our yard, asking for any information on damages from Wal-Mart Automotive. We received quite a few tips. I then wrote a letter of complaint to Lee Scott of Wal-Mart. Several days later, a gentleman by the name of Joe Muha left a message for me. He said that Wal-Mart had received my complaint and wanted to do all that he could to help. My husband phoned him back and Joe said he would “sleep on it.” Mr. Muha should’ve felt like Sleeping Beauty because it was three days later when my husband had to call him back. Joe explained that all Wal-Mart could offer was a $100 gift certificate. We passed.  We are nearly $2,500 poorer and madder than a raging bull but I intend to keep up the fight. Perhaps I shouldn’t be shocked at the number of complaints about Wal-Mart and their reluctance to step up to the plate. The moral of this sad little story: It sure is easy for Wal-Mart to present that little yellow smiley face and invite us in but it is so hard to remove the frowns from their customer’s faces.


Beware of U.S. First Finance Says alex alexander of san Antonio, tx - This is a vehicle subleasing company which will sublease your vehicle to another party.  They say they will cover payments and repossess if their client defaults on the payments. They do neither. They will leave your car with their client and will not cover the payments. I have a contract with them and they still will not honor their contract even though they are being sued by numerous clients. Please warn other consumers about this fraudulent company.


fred haas Toyota, 20400 I-45 North, Houston TX, 281-297-7000 - I want to complain about a contract I got with Fred Hass Toyota last October.  It was a leasing agreement that included a maintenance contract for the next 3 yrs and was included in my lease payments.  Without the maintenance contract,  my payments were going to be $500 for 46 months.  With the maintenance plan, $550 per month.  Last June when I went to get my 15,000 mile check , the service manager told me they could not honor my maintenance contract because they had sold me the maintenance contract in error and it was not valid.  I was told that I could cancel it and the money would be reimbursed.  However, when I tried to cancel it they would not reimburse me nor would they recalculate my lease payments.  I have to keep paying the $550.00 even though I do not have a maintenance plan.  I have talked with Toyota Financial and Fred Haas Toyota.  They have refused to make an adjustment.  They told me they "sold me something they should not have sold me in the first place.  Lourdes Bosquez MD, The Woodlands, Texas.


NORTHAMPTON HONDA, NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS:  Consumer made a $100.00 down payment on a car that the dealer had to search for because it was not on the lot.  They were unable to locate the car and the consumer requested her money be refunded.  The refund took an inordinate length of time with no explanation from the dealer.  Watch his dealer, deposits should be promptly and cheerfully refunded, if the deal falls through because the dealer is unable to perform.


brown brothers cadillac, louisville, ky.:  Consumer took car to service due to the battery continually draining.  The dealership replaced the battery three times and a service representative named Todd told the customer it was normal for the battery to go dead after several days without starting the car (don't go on a trip and leave your car at the airport).  Also, he advised the customer to shutoff the air conditioner before shutting the car off.  After a lot of consternation and visits to the dealership, the technician finally decided it was not the battery but something wrong with the electrical system.  The consumer had been telling them that for almost a year but they would not listen.  Additionally, the consumer called the Cadillac customer service line and was blown off!!  Let's see, is Cadillac a high dollar,  quality car?  High dollar yes, quality, perhaps not!!


joe meyers ford, northwest freeway, houston, texas:  An 87 year old grandmother was conned by this  company into signing loan papers for the purchase of a car for her grandson.  She is on Social Security of $1150.00 per month and was told she was signing as a co-signer.  She is legally blind and not mentally competent.  When her son, who has power of attorney to handle her matters, tried to get her out of the contract, the dealership refused.  Another example of dealers putting profits ahead of ethics.  


BLAIR'S AUTOMOTIVE, OLATHE, KANSAS:  Blair's Automotive failed to give customer detailed bill for work performed after charging her $211.11.  She was unable to get an explanation of work performed.  Customer alleges the work she asked to be performed, like changing spark plugs and correcting an "engine cutout" problem was not completed.  MAKE SURE YOU GET a WRITTEN ESTIMATE PRIOR TO AUTHORIZING WORK AND HAVE THE SHOP CALL YOU IF ESTIMATE CHANGES BY MORE THAN 10%. 


KNOX FORD, MULDRAUGH, KY:  Customer asked to have a transmission looked at.  The company said the transmission would have to be removed and inspected to find the problem.  Customer told the service manger not to pull the transmission but the service manager forgot to tell the mechanic.  The transmission was removed without permission.  The customer called the dealer to ask what the problem was and was told the transmission would need to be replaced at a cost of $3600.00.  The customer had told the dealer not to proceed but the dealer continued anyway.  The bill to that point had risen to $600.00.   The customer could not afford the bill and the car was put under a mechanics lien.  Make sure you get a written estimate from automobile mechanics prior to authorizing work!!!!!!  


bob swope mitsubishi, elizabethtown, ky:  82 year old woman on Social Security brought her car in for a 30,000 mile check.  she didn't ask how much it would be, and the dealer did not give her an estimate.  the dealer did the work and charged her $600.00, which she could not afford.  make sure to get a written estimate from automobile mechanics prior to authorizing work, and insist they call you if the estimate changes!!!   


swope cadillac, hurshborne lane, Louisville, kentucky:  Customer took Cadillac in to be serviced because a "Service Engine Soon" light was on.  Turned out to be a loose gas cap.  The light would have gone out eventually, but the service manager did not tell the customer.  Charge - $100.00 to tighten the gas cap!!! rip-off!!!!!!!!!  make sure you get a written estimate form automobile mechanics prior to authorizing work!!!!!!!


acme car rental, new haven, connecticut:  This company placed global positioning systems in their cars and used them to monitor speed.  If you exceeded the speed limit for the area you were in, you were fined $150.00 per occurrence, by the company, which showed up on your final bill.  The policy of checking speed was hidden the fine print of the contract.  Boycott this company!! This is an invasion of privacy and an unbelievable, and unethical way for a company to make money.  It violates Connecticut law and is presently in court.  RESOLUTION:  COMPANY LOST!!!  CONSUMERS WIN!!!

Pontiac Sunfire Buyer From Hi Mesa in RIO: I have bought a brand new 2003 Pontiac Sunfire from Hi Mesa, New Mexico  Communitees the car from the 2nd week has given me so many troubles: the gas line, air conditioner, clutch, engine shutting down when shifting gears or pushing in the clutch, I have contacted the Pontiac Customer Services and they state nothing can be done, do to the engine shutting off more than once and having put the lifes' of my children and myself in danger. Pontiac stated they can not do anything about this situation. Hmmm...Pontiacs, are generally fairly good cars, I think you just got a bad one....But either way Pontiac should do something about there LEMON of a car they sold you....If I were you I would not stop going down there till they did do something!








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