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SUBMIT YOUR COMPLAINT for publication on our web site, or to get answers to your questions, or, tell us what you think about our web site.  Please provide us with your contact information and the contact information for whomever you are complaining about including their email address, if you have it.  We must have your e-mail address, so we will be able to contact you, if we have questions, and to verify submissions.  Include the business e-mail and/or address of the business, if you want us to notify them when we publish your complaint on our web site.

When submitting complaints, please be brief, but include pertinent details including times and dates.  We must verify your submission via e-mail prior to publishing on the web.  We will not use your name unless you specifically request it be posted. 


Complaint/Question Submission Form 


Contact Information

Your Name

Your E-mail

Your Address, City, State, and Zip Code

Your Telephone Number (optional)

Name of Business or Other Entity

Address, City, State and Zip Code

Email address of Business or Entity that is subject of your Complaint 

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Last modified: March 22, 2011, 0645 CST