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WATCH AT&T CALLING CARDS - Name: Galen Amfahr;  SUBJECT: AT&T prepaid phone card;  CITY: Independence;  STATE: Iowa 50644;  

AT&T Pre-Paid Phone (CON) Card: My wife was doing some last minute errands before her trip home to Indonesia. She picked up a couple of 75 Minute cards in WalMart so she could call ahead to family for flight information and also so that I could call. The card wasn't kidding when it said Int'l rates are higher. Our first call revealed that we had "SIX MINUTES" of talk time. WalMart should be wary of having its logo on the same card.

(Case #10262007B)

Name:  Perceptive Strategies Inc.; SUBJECT: Verizon Misrepresentation City:  Houston   State:  Texas 77058

WATCH VERIZON!! THEY WILL SCREW YOU!!! - Our Company received a call from Verizon asking that we signup our business to use their telephone and long distance service.  When we listened to the proposal, we agreed that the rate they were offering was a good rate and decided to accept their offer.  The entire offer was recorded as is required by the FCC.  However, when we got our bills the rate was completely different and much higher than we agreed to.  We have made numerous attempts to get Verizon the make public the recording we made which delineates the rate offered.  We have had no luck.  We have not paid the last bill and will never pay it until we here the recording and verify the billing.  Verizon is a terrible company to do business with. 

(Case 09152007B)

Name:  Caroline McKinnon EMAIL:  caromack@comcast.net  SUBJECT:  Early Termination fee AT&T  CITY:   Novato,  State:  CA 94947  Date: 14 Sep 2007

WATCH THIS AT&T SCAM - For years I chose AT&T landline phone service as they were I thought the most reliable and hassle free.  They also provided  my wireless highspeed internet service when I moved into a 6-month rental.  After 6 months I moved to another address where AT&T did not provide service.  They still claim the right to charge me an early termination fee, even though I wish them to continue service to me.  The fact they they do not service that area is hardly the fault of the customer and their charge is clearly unreasonable.  I told them my side of things, they said pay up anyway.  I wrote to their offices: AT&T Yahoo High Speed Internet Inquiry, PO Box 2937, Rohnert Park, CA 94927 telling them I considered their demand unreasonable since THEY are breaking the contract by not providing me the service I wish to receive and they agreed to provide.  So now I have a Collection Agency demand for the $99 in question.   I will send this agency a copy of my protest letter, not that I expect this will cut any ice with them.  What is the next course of action to protect my credit for one and for another to pull the covers on even more devious corporate greed?   Will the FCC or the State Attorney General's Office be appropriate and effective resources?

(case# 09152007A)

Name: Susan Oleneack;  SUBJECT: I DON'T OWE SPRINT ANYTHING;  CITY: Grandville;  STATE: Michigan, 49418;  Date: 29 Aug 2007;  Time: 17:16:36

LARGE CORPORATION AT IT AGAIN!  DOES SPRINT REALLY CARE? - Last August (2006) I started receiving bills from Sprint. I called them to tell them that I did not have Sprint, nor did I want it. The bills kept coming. A couple months later they told me to file fraud papers, which I did. The bills kept coming. A couple months later someone from Sprint told me that another company had signed me up for this, I told her that another company was not sending my bills. The bills kept coming. In February 2006, I turned this over to an attorney. He spoke with someone who agreed that I did not owe Sprint anything. The bills kept coming. I spoke with Claudia in April, she assured me that everything was alright, that the billing cycle had just not caught up with it yet and that the July bill would show a zero balance. Not only did it still show a balance due, now they have turned this over to a collection agency. It is almost impossible to speak to anyone at Sprint. When I call the customer service number, I am on hold for half an hour, when I fina! lly do get a human, they hang up on me. I callled the Grand Rapids, Michigan office on the East Beltline only to be insulted and called a liar by some incredibly rude woman named Lisa, who, according to her is not Sprint. I want these ridiculous bills to stop. I want a letter stating that I do not owe Sprint any money. I want this off my credit report. I want any damage done to my credit score to be repaired.  I want an apology from Lisa.

(Case 08292007A)

AT&T & VERIZON STRIKE AGAIN - (Ann Zimmer, Little Egg Harbor, Nj) - I have been trying to get telephone service from AT&T for my brother Christopher Zimmer, Glenside Nursing Ctr., 144 Gales Drive, New Providence, NJ 07974 room 9C South.  This started on Aug. 30th,.  The service was supposedly activated on the 9th. Unfortunately it did not work, however the service was for bed "B" so as he was being moved to bed "C" in the same room I called and explained this to AT&T.  They rescheduled the service for the 15th.  That came and went without the service being initiated.  I called AT&T and they said it was a problem with the address.  Well I went through the whole thing again.  Service was to be started possibly on the 18th but certainly by the 23rd.  On the 20th I get a message from some dingbat Diane who tells me due to an address problem once again my move (?) to the new address cannot be completed until the 28th of Sept.  Now I never said I was moving.  I have explained over and over and over and over and over again.  This is a nursing facility and my brother who's name the phone will be in, but bills should be forwarded to me to pay as he does not have a checking account.  I never mentioned that I was moving as I am not.  Meanwhile my brother a Vietnam veteran with an honorable discharge has been waiting for over a month for a phone.  AT&T says Verizon is the one who keeps delaying the start of the service.  If this is Verizon's fault then they need to be fined big time.  The number they assigned to my brother is 908-790-1358.  What is the problem?  I cannot believe that if we can get a man to the moon and back that AT&T and Verizon cannot work hand in hand and stop making the consumer the victim in their games.  Every time I get involve with AT&T and Verizon I end up with shattered nerves and stomach pains....why?


BEWARE CONSUMERS - (Marcus Carroll, Chicago, IL) - I am an existing AT&T Wireless customer.  On Oct. 2, 2004, I contacted them and found out that my contract had been extended an additional 2 yrs. without my knowledge.  Consumers should be aware of these sneaky tactics wireless companies are using to steal extra money from consumers.  Not only do I have to remain contracted, I had to buy another phone because the one I was using no longer worked so I'm stuck with a company I don't want to do business with but have to because it would cost me hundreds of dollars to break the contract I didn't know I was extended on.


What goes Cingular? - (Kateisha Davis)  Cingular Wireless- sells faulty phones and services. If they stop working you are still responsible for paying airtime. They also will not let you out of your contract without charging a $150, even if are neglectful in binding to the services they promise you. They won't discontinue the service during a billing cycle even if you are no longer in contract and still charge you $60 for the air time. Then they tell you they need a 30day notice to cancel you service. But they don't hesitate to cancel your service immediately during the middle of a billing cycle and without a 30 day notice for non-payment of your bill.  You will find yourself with more fees and airtime.  their customer service is horrible and their operators do not know their policy.  They never offer compensation even if it is their mistake.  SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH A WIRELESS COMPANY THAT WILL APPRECIATE YOU.  CINGULAR ONLY SPENDS TIME FIGURING OUT HOW TO GET MONEY OUT OF YOU AND NOT PROVIDING YOU WITH QUALITY SERVICE.


What Goes Here, DirecWay Internet Service? - (Karl, Madison, Wisconsin) - DirecWay Internet Service - Beware!!! If you are even thinking of purchasing DirecWay satellite service - stop! Check out the Better Business Bureau at  http://www.dc.bbb.org/report.html?compid=W9864&national=Y Also, check out www.direcwaysux.com. Their customer support is the worst I've ever seen and they simply don't care. When the product works, it works OK, but when it breaks, you are out of luck. Also beware that while you get good download speeds, you get very slow upload speeds (20-35K/sec) and long latency. What is latency? It's the time from when you click a button on a web site until you get a response. Since the signals have to go up into space and back through many routers, the latency can be very long - longer than using phone lines.


Hey Sprint PCS, How about fixing this terrible service!  (Elaine Miller, Seabrook, Texas)  I was given a Vision phone Xmas of 2002.  Last year I went through 4 different PDA phones due to operational difficulties and just plain poor engineering.  The worst part was having to go to the Sprint Store and stand in line on numerous occasions from 1 to 2 1/2 hours just to have a technician tell me they would replace the phone.  What a nightmare!!!!


wow, bellsouth, this is scary!!!  BellSouth telephone company for allowing people to just call and give a social security number to get service. When the number belongs to someone else. When they (the person who is the rightful owner of the number) finds out about charges ran up under their social security number calls them they refuse to remove charges and investigate. The rightful owner has to show all kinds of proof they did not run up the charges and Bellsouth wants a copy of their Social Security card. But they require no proof before turning services on and allowing people to run up a $588.73 bill.  I have been fighting this problem with BellSouth for 4 plus years.  It was my Mother who did this and because it is family I cannot file charges with them for fraud and the police department says I can sue my mother but they do not get involved in family cases like this.  I live in Texas and she lives in North Carolina where and shen they allowed this to happen.  Please help with any advise


Wow, look at this nightmare with nextel -   (Ronnie White and Zena Scott, Oakland California)  Over the duration of the last 6 months, we have had continuous, ignored complaints with NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS. On or about April 12th, 2002, we became consumers of NEXTEL's WORLD RENOWNED Wireless services. From that day forward we have experienced vast numbers of fallacies in reference to presumed service fees & contract, billing & credit problems, poor customer service, rude customer care representatives, and harassment, both from NEXTEL and FUTURE COMMUNICATIONS ( an authorized dealer of NEXTEL services & products) where we purchased our phones. On April 19th, 2002 we received a bill for 274.00 dollars, itemizing activation fees and pro-ration fees, none of which we were told or was in our signed contract. Immediately we contacted FUTURE COMMUNICATIONS ( K.C.Yung - dealer, he prompted us to pay the full amount and assured us that our account would be credited $70.00 ( 35.00 x 2 phones) for the activation fees on next month's bill. That never happened. Next month's bill reflected no changes and included more financial bindings. Due to an address change we asked a NEXTEL Representative to change the billing address, which supposedly happened, but didn't. May & June of 2002 we receive NO BILLS, either to the old address or the new address. We were in constant communication with both NEXTEL and FUTURE COMMUNICATIONS rep. K.C.Yung, in which we received the run around from department to department within NEXTEL's Corporation and no follow up from FUTURE COMMUNICATIONS. We drove from Oakland to Alameda at least twice a week for 4 weeks and still no reply. We called NEXTEL bi-weekly for 4 weeks in regards to our bill. We had EVERY intention on paying the bills in which we accumulated. Finally after Ronnie White and myself, Zena Scott called NEXTEL for a month continuously, and our phones had been cut off for almost 7 days, they told us to pay the bill which had reached $675.25 by July ( when we finally received a bill).  The NEXTEL bill had already been submitted to a collection agency, ALLIED Interstate and was rapidly decreasing Mr. White's credit score. Ronnie White had grade B credit when we purchased the phones, a score that not even 80% of Americans have today. We were instructed by K.C.Yung to pay $590.25 which we paid within 2 weeks. Mr. Yung guaranteed us that the difference of 675.25 - 590.25 which is 85.00 would be credited to our account. 70.00 for past promise of activation fees and 15.00 for the time that our phones were off. We had to come up with 591.00 in a week's time, which we did, and paid. August comes and we received a bill for 181.00, that was correct, approximately 90.00 each, which we paid. Less than a week later our phones were cut off once again. We followed the chain of commands and contacted FUTURE COMMUNICATIONS first and Mr. Yung didn't know what was going on being that he works through an actual NEXTEL representative. So we called NEXTEL, we were greeted with the usual rudeness and finally after being hung up on, transferred to 3 departments, we got connected to a customer care specialist in Georgia. She told us that the reason that our phones got cut off was because we had an outstanding balance of 85.00, which we thought Mr. Yung had taken care of. The representative also informed us that our account was black listed and could not be re-activated because of the account still being in collections for the 85.00. The next day August 23rd, I, Zena Scott called NEXTEL's customer care and explained our situation to a very patient and knowledgeable representative, Phil, (for the first time) and he, noticing all the noted complaints and calls to the call centers, and the previous calls from K.C. Yung on behalf of our account, he generously, put the credit through of 85.00. The next day, we went to FUTURE COMMUNICATIONS and told K.C. that we had resolved the 85.00 issue, which he said that a man named Ray (his rep) had already processed the credit, basically that we didn't get the credit, Ray did, which is a lie. In September we received two bills, the first one had an amount of 30.18, and we figured it was from all the mistakes to our bills that were fixed along with the credits. But it turned out not to be that way because at end of the month around the 26th we received bill for 366.00 and we were once again confused. Again we contacted Mr. Yung, by this time he was confused and frustrated by all these repeated mistakes, which he probably could have prevented but didn't. After going over the bill we came to the conclusion that when our phones were reconnected after another week, that NEXTEL had charged us an early termination fee of 200.00 each, so 400.00 and had entered us in the system as new customers and charged us activation fees and pro-ration fees all over again. Mr. Yung asked us what we would like done and we responded that we wanted to pay the last bill and have our contract terminated without penalty. K.C then told us to give him a week and he would be able to solve this mess. A week passed and we heard nothing, so I called the San Francisco branch where he was. He prompted me to call him back and he later left a message on my voicemail telling me that we received a credit of 167.oo for the activation and pro-ration on the bill. This figure is still incorrect, they still haven't credited us from the last termination of a week, and the early termination should not be charged to us. On October 21st, we received another bill for 370.00 dollars! But we haven't paid the September bill because it hasn't been corrected and now we have two months worth of bills! And we are afraid that our phones will once again be turned off. We are starving students, recently engaged and we feel as if we are getting the end of the stick in this situation. They keep asking us to pay, pay, pay and we aren't receiving any compensation for previous promises. Hopefully you can help us because we really need it. Thank you for your time and consideration.


BullsEye telecom, oak park, michigan - (Richard Harmsen, Big Rapids, Michigan)  This is a complaint against unfair and unreasonable practices of BullsEye Telecom of Oak Park, MI., a phone service company that tele-markets. I was first called and made some very attractive promises, and assued that my bill would be lower than it presently was with Ameritech. This was the first lie. The first bill came through with all sorts of extra services that I distinctly said I did not want. I was told at that point that I could only be credited for one of the services but this was not credited. For dropping the services I am now charged a $5 change fee even though it was an error on the part of a BullsEye personnel and not my mistake. I was billed a second time with a post mark of September 11, 2002. I just received the bill (which does not reflect what I had ordered or what I was told by the company representative what I'd be getting) on Friday, September 13th. In a letter from BullsEye received today, September 14th, I am told "that our records indicate payment for your account has not been received." There is no way I could have mailed the payment that they sent out on the 11th and which I received on the 13th before they sent out their complaint letter on the 12th. Sincerely, Richard Harmsen


AT&T strikes again with poor customer service and confusing terms - (Laura Beck, Burlingame, California) -  am writing today out of pure desperation. If I don’t get some kind of help, I plan to fork over the $150 simply to get OUT of this miserable contract with AT&T. Over the past year, I feel that AT&T has consistently taken advantage of me in numerous ways, and I have spent countless hours attempting to reason with someone, anyone, who sees me as a valuable customer instead of simply another bill. stead of attempting to summarize all of the problems that I have had with AT&T, I have listed below several incidents that I feel best illustrate the service that I have gotten from AT&T.• The man that sold me my AT&T phone and contract lied to me. He told me that my plan came with free roaming. After I had accrued an unreasonably large bill, I discovered the charges, and called AT&T Customer Service. After waiting for approximately half an hour to speak with someone, I was told that AT&T could not be held responsible for the man’s untruth. The customer service representative gave a measly $25 credit, and explained that the business that employed the man who sold me my contract, had closed and AT&T no longer did service with them. This incident cost me hundreds of dollars, with a mere $25 from AT&T and no apology. A company must be willing to accept responsibility for the representatives who sell its service. Just because the man was not employed by AT&T does not mean that he did not compromise AT&T’s reputation.• When I moved to San Francisco, I was told that I could change my plan to increase my minutes, and the plan would pre-date to the beginning of my cycle. The stipulation was that I had to commit to another year of service with AT&T. Against my better judgment, I agreed. A month later I received a bill that did not reflect what I had been promised by both the representative at the store, and the woman from customer service with whom I spoke. If I had known that the new plan would not pre-date to the beginning of my cycle, I would not have agreed to another year with AT&T.• In addition to this massive inconvenience, I attempted to login online. The login screen would not allow me to do so because it claimed that my social security was incorrect. At that point, I had been with AT&T for nearly a year, and until then my social security number had been correct. I, of course, had to wait on hold again for nearly half an hour before finally speaking with someone who was completely unhelpful and told me that there was nothing she could do for me. I offered to fax her a copy of my social security card, my license, and my birth certificate. She told me I had to go to an authorized store. I went to an AT&T authorized distributor the next day. The employees there were very nice, but very unhelpful and I actually wound up sitting on hold at the store. After my social security number problem was resolved, I sat on hold again with another representative in effort to solve the billing problem. I had recorded both the name of the person who sold me my new contract, and the woman with whom I spoke about the contract via customer service– both of whom had told me that my billing cycle would pre-date. The representative on the phone put me on hold several times. Finally, the manager of the store told me that he would speak to account receivables and call me on the following Monday. I cannot say I was surprised when no call came. Last month alone, I paid nearly $500 to AT&T. I have been a consistent customer for nearly a year. I have probably paid AT&T over a thousand dollars now. Yet, I cannot seem to get in contact with a single person who is helpful, consistent, honest, and competent. Last week I called simply to inquire about the number of minutes that I had already used on my account. The representative told me that she did not have access to the information. That statement is absolutely ridiculous. Doesn’t that seem awfully coincidental to anyone else?! Is that some sort of ploy to force your customers to use more minutes– and you can, in turn, charge them more money? As I said, I have literally been brought to tears on numerous occasions out of sheer frustration. I cannot tell you how tired I am of dealing with your company, both its “policies,” and its customer service. I have sat on hold for countless hours, and I have been to four different AT&T authorized stores. I have been lied to, treated unfairly, over-charged, and taken advantage of. I have I refuse to out myself through this any more. I am faxing a copy of this to better business bureaus in California and Illinois, and I am filing a formal complaint. I also plan to send this letter to the editors of several local newspapers. I cannot imagine that I am the only person who has been treated this way by AT&T. Perhaps, with the help of others, I can finally be treated with respect and courtesy. I am tired of dealing with AT&T, and I beg that someone who is competent and helpful will get in touch with me to resolve this problem.


Sprint pcs -  what happened to your good service?   (Claudia Pearson, Birmingham, Alabama)   My complaint is about Sprint PCS. My phone service was terminated after I refused to pay over $500 in improper roam/long distance charges. After noting that my phone switched to roam within two miles of my home I contacted Sprint PCS customer service and was told that the phones are originally set to pick up the strongest signal in the area, even when a Sprint PCS signal is available, that I should change my "Roam Mode" to "Sprint PCS" to avoid roam and long distance charges that might be incurred if I left the "Roam Mode" set to "automatic." I switched all three phones and still received bills for more than $500 in roam/long distance charges which the company has refused to credit. I contacted customer service to dispute the charges, and was forced to deal with a rude and offensive supervisor who called me a liar. I then wrote the customer service department at the address I managed to obtain from the supervisor and never received a response. Sprint PCS cut the service off on the 4th of July without any prior warning, billed me for additional roam and long distance charges, made inconsistent statements over the phone regarding why my phone would incur roam and long distance charges (one said that there must be something wrong with my phone, another said that even when set to Sprint PCS mode the phone would switch to roam if the Sprint signal was weak), and then initiated harassing collection calls. I told customer service and collections department representatives repeatedly that the charges had been disputed and that I would not pay them. I was receiving daily calls from the collections department and asked them to quit calling, but was told by an extremely hostile (yelling) man that they would continue calling until I paid the bill. During one subsequent call from collections, a male collections representative, who sounded like the same "gentleman" who had yelled at me before, pretended to not notice that we had been connected and proceeded to talk about me with a co-worker in foul language including referring to me as a "f------ b--ch."  Watch roaming charges!!  They are be biggest problem cell phone customers encounter.  Also, the biggest consumer rip-off!!!



Hey at&t what is this all about?  (T. Pollestad, Santa Clara, California) Actually, the problem stems from AT&T's unethical business practices where they sign you up for services you never requested.  In Sep 2001, under the guise of taking a "poll" throughout our Apt complex, we mistakenly signed the "questionnaire," only to discover (after carefully perusing the copy left us) that it was a request for AT&T to upgrade our cable to digital.  I called AT&T the next day and was told there was no record of the installation request, but that a note would be put in AT&T's system. Two weeks later, the technician showed-up to perform the upgrade and was told it had been cancelled. Another call was made to AT&T and THEY STILL SWORE THERE WAS NOTHING IN THEIR SYSTEM UNDER OUR NAME OR ADDRESS!!!  Now (almost a year later), we received a note in the mail indicating the date an AT&T technician would be out to change our PHONE SYSTEM (not cable) over to AT&T. Calling the # on the notice so I could get to the bottom of it, the lady who did cancel the installation (at least she said it was cancelled) admitted that this request STEMMED FROM THE SEPTEMBER 2001 issue!  Although we have filed complaints against AT&T with Gov. Gray Davis, the FCC, the CPUC, and AT&T (the last sent registered mail) we are curious if there are any class action lawsuits in the works against AT&T for this sort of behavior - I hardly think we are the only ones this company has done this to. If not, what's the procedure for filing one?  Thanks for your time.



watch this company and get all the facts from direcway - (Shari Cartee, Monroe, North Carolina) I was conned into purchasing a Satellite Internet System from DirecWay.  If you're even THINKING about it, DON'T! My system was installed on June 8th, and two months later, it still doesn't work.I've spent 12 hours on the phone "troubleshooting", have accumulated eight "Case ID numbers", have had all the hardware replaced except the dish itself, and I still can't access the Internet with it. Thank goodness I kept my old, slow phone line.  Anyway,they sweet-talked me into "troubleshooting" and replacing hardware until the initial 30-day time period was long gone, now when I try to cancel, they tell me I owe them $400 for the equipment since it is beyond the 30 days!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I've filed a dispute with my credit card company for the initial $600 I've already paid them, plus the $59/month they are trying to bill me for - for service I haven't been able to use.  Please, anyone who reads this, don't get sucked in like I did. The product and/or the technology is obviously faulty.


watch your phone bill if you switch to mci - (Rebecca Avery, Naples, Florida)   I switiched to MCI long distance because I was promised 7 cents a minute, billing in 1 minute increments. They are charging me .35 and I have larger bill. I have called 4 times to speak to billing and I have held over an hour on speaker each time. I cannot get through. I've been ripped off.


at&t settling consumer law suit for improperly billing customers for city sales tax when none existed.  Settlement involves approximately 22 million dollars in credits and discount coupons.  Notices have been sent to affected customers.  


ATT AND SPRINT - An often heard complaint by Cheryl Reyes  of Warrenburg, Missouri that customers cannot get in touch with a customer service representative at these companies.  The reason is that the automatic answering operators make it extremely complicated or just about impossible to figure out how to talk to a real person.  Companies do this on purpose to try and discourage people from calling customer service so they can save money!! Let's see, who is really paying the bill?  Could it be the consumer?  Pay attention AT&T and Sprint!  At one time you had great customer service!  Is this the new Corporate Mentality?


dead cell phone zones - This is a web site that is trying to improve cellular coverage across the country.  We have been asked to publicize this site so people will start posting their complaints about different areas that do not have good coverage.  So, if you want to improve cellular service in a specific area click on: www.deadcellzones.com


MOTOROLA - Customer bought cell phone loaded with faulty software which would not work in the area he lives in.  He was required to return to the dealer and have the software changed.  The salesperson told him Motorola new of the problem but was selling the faulty phones anyway.  The customer feels he has wasted valuable time correcting a problem that Motorola should have corrected in the first place.  if your buying motorola phones in the chico, california area, ask the dealer if the software works!!!!


AT&T:   The "AT&T One Rate"  turns out to be a multi rate if you roam and your calls are not reported by the remote towers to AT&T in time for your bill close out cycle.  You may be charged by the minute if time is brought in from different months due to late reporting towers. watch this company closely and check your statement!!  FOLLOWUP:  USA Today ran an article on September 4, 2001, in it's "Money" section entitled "Minutes that appear late on bills vex cell phone users," addressing this very problem.  Numerous consumer complaints.  The fix is simple but companies do not want it fixed.  This is an easy way to  make money at consumer expense!!!





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