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we would like your comments, good or bad, concerning the quality of service and facilities at hotels around the country.  Send us your comments and rate the hotel from 1 to 10,  with 10 being the highest rating.

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Name: Debbie Shoemaker; EMAIL: debmark@fidnet.com;  SUBJECT: Days Inn Kansas City - BUGS;  CITY: Owensville;  STATE: MO 65066;  Date: 24 Sep 2007;  Time: 16:45:58

hello days inn - I stayed at a Days Inn in Kansas City, Missouri (7100 NE Parvin Rd).  Aside from the dirty room and broken shower the beds were covered in bugs. My 8 year old daughter is covered in bites.

(Case #09252007A)

Name: R. S. Colbeth;  EMAIL: dickandsandy@comcast.net;  SUBJECT: Asinine Anniversary;  ADDRESS: 4619 NE 112 Ave B-201;  CITY: Vancouver;  STATE: WA 98682

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS ABOUT MOTEL 6, SEASIDE, OREGON - This is my anniversary. One year ago today I was informed by Seaside, Oregon, Motel 6 Owner/Manager, Lee Judson, that my disabled, senior citizen wife & I were forbidden to ever return to his place of hospitality.

Our crime to deserve this travel nightmare? We had submitted his little comment card asking for a discount because we had been assigned a sub-par room.

Then he wrote to the BBB and implied we were nasty people. Then he suggested he would ask other motels to also bar us. Now it's in court and we may have to pay $100,000 for our consumer complaint.

(Case #11032007A)


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS ABOUT MOTEL 6, SEASIDE, OREGON - Name: R. S. ColbethSUBJECT: Customer Service; CITY: Vancouver;  STATE: WA 98682;  

Last year my wife made a simple Q and the motel franchisee barred her from ever coming back for her trouble.

Today she is in California staying at a Holiday Inn Express. The hot tub didn't work. She told the manager about it; he thanked her, apologized profusely for the inconvenience and gave her 10% off her bill.

See, that's the way it's supposed to work; you don't slam a customer for asking an inocuous question. I've never met the Seaside, Oregon, Motel 6 owner, but I would like to - the man must be from another planet and he has my curiosity aroused as to what he looks like.

(Case #10262007A)


WHAT GOES MOTEL 6 - Name: R.S. Colbeth;  SUBJECT: Outrage;  CITY: Vancouver;  STATE: WA 98682;  Date: 16 Aug 2007;  Time: 16:42:27

Motel 6, Seaside, Oregon, my disabled, senior citizen wife & I were assigned a substandard room. We complained, we got put on a Do Not Rent list. We complained about that. We got sued for $100,000. We're afraid to complain about that.

(case #081607B)

WATCH MAKING AND CANCELLING RESERVATIONS AT HOTELS - (Mercy Hernandez, Sacramento, California) On October 16, 2006 I stayed in the Embassy Suite in San Luis Obispo.  I canceled my co-worker's reservation and I misplaced the confirmation number. I was charged for a no show for one day. I called the hotel explained my issue of being charge twice for one day. I was there all week yet the hotel staff was not very cooperative. Most hotels are reasonable and help you but this hotel was very difficult and they have not refunded the one day charge.


the St. Anthony A wyndham historic hotel  (300 east travis, san antonio, texas) - is located in downtown San Antonio.  It is pricey and old.  Not well restored.  The doors don't close all the way and the water temperature is hard to control.  Food is also pricey and the bar closes prior to 12:00 PM.  The bartender was cranky for this visit and complained constantly.  Their are better "Historical Hotels."  rating: 5 out of a possible 10.

Seville Beach Hotel, Miami, Florida - (Aune Halunen, Bellevue, Washington)  My friend and I booked one night at the Seville Beach Hotel in Miami via www.hotels.com and were extremely disappointed in this company. We spent $100.50 for one night and asked for a full refund but never got it. Here's why: we walked into the lobby which smelled of mold, were assisted by two ladies at the front desk -neither of whom spoke English well enough to do anything more than look our names up in their system. We found the elevators on our own only to find that one of the two elevators were broken. We finally made it to our room only to find that the carpeted floor was sticky to the touch so we couldn't even walk barefoot in our own hotel room. The room consisted of two beds not much better than army barrack beds, one table and two chairs. One of the chair's arms had fallen off and was propped back on. The TV remote didn't work. The shower didn't have ANY hot water until the next morning and even then the mold on the bathroom ceiling was such that we felt dirtier coming out of the shower than we did going in. The restaurant offered a sparse menu and refused to travel the 50 feet to their own hotel bar to get us a mixed drink to go with our food. This was literally the most disgusting hotel/motel/youth hostel that I have EVER stayed at. When we asked for a refund, they indicated we had to go through the hotels.com site since we'd paid them directly. As stated above, we tried 7 times to get a full refund of our money and never received more than a $40 credit voucher to another lousy hotel. I strongly recommend anyone requiring any degree of comfort or even sanitation in their hotels, Do NOT BOOK THROUGH WWW.HOTELS.COM AND DEFINITELY Do NOT STAY AT THE SEVILLE BEACH HOTEL IN MIAMI.

(case 011304)


Atlanta, Georgia, The Sheraton Gateway Airport, (770) 997-2200:  Very clean well maintained hotel.  Comfortable rooms with computer hookups  printers in the rooms for computer users.  Rooms have shower massages, coffee makers and a good selection of TV stations.  The health club has a pool, 3 treadmills, 2 stair steppers, 2 stationary bikes, and a good variety of weight machines.  Moderately priced for the area.  Rating: 7 out of a possible 10.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, THE WESTIN DOWNTOWN, (404) 659-1400:  Very nice rooms, clean and well maintained.  No vending machines in the hotel which means you must get a key to the mini bar and pay exorbitant prices for a coke or go down to the gift shop, if it is open.  This is a ploy by management of Westin Hotels to rip off the customer.  Prices are very high, plan on spending $20.00 per person for breakfast by the time you factor in the tip.  Hotel is very commercial.  Exercise room is very good.  This hotel is very similar to the Westin O'Hare as far as prices and amenities.  Other hotels offer better service and prices.  rating: 5 out of a possible 10.

Chicago, Illinois, "The w," lakeshore drive:  Friday night we had a wonderful birthday dinner in the lobby restaurant of “The W” on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. The service was impeccable and the food was impressive. After dinner and cocktails we started our way upstairs to The Whiskey Sky Bar. We were abruptly stopped and told by the bouncer that to get upstairs we had to have a room key. The club was open to “hotel guests only.” I explained how we had just had a wonderful (costly) meal in the lobby so we were in fact guests of the hotel. I was told that unless we had a key card we would not be allowed up stairs. This is intolerable. It would seem to me that whether we had dinner in the lobby or spent the night in a room, either way we were in fact hotel guests. I have never experienced such treatment from a Starwood Hotel, or any other Midnight Oil owned hotel. I would like to see people at the front door trained with some customer service skills and perhaps look beyond the square box of the front door. It would be expected to be seen as a person and not only a key card. It will be a while before I recommend to a group of girls to head to The W for a “pleasant” evening.

(case # 080502)

chicago, illinois, THE WESTIN O'HARE, (847) 698-4591:  Expensive, no coke machines in the hotel.  You will be unable to get refreshments in your room late at night except from the in room bar at exorbitant rates, or through room service.  One of the best work out areas, includes free weights, treadmills etc.  Food is expensive.  Rooms have a "body odor," are roomy and clean.  No shower massages.  rating: 5 out of a possible 10.

cedar rapids, iowa, crowne plaza, (319) 363-8161:  Located in downtown cedar rapids, this hotel offers nice spacious rooms, clean and well maintained.  The exercise room is adequate with one universal weight machine, one treadmill, and one stationary bike.  No free weights.  Indoor swimming pool.  Restaurant prices are high, for the area.  The gift shop is very expensive.  rating 5 out of a possible 10.

cleveland, ohio, airport marriott (216) 252-5333:  Reasonably priced very good hotel.  Spacious rooms with the Marriott touch.  The restaurant offers a varied menu and reasonable prices.  Excellent exercise facility with some free weight, weight machines, stationary bikes and treadmills.  Located in an area with not a lot of amenities.  rating 7 out of a possible 10.

Detroit, michigan airport doubletree (734) 457-8000):  Clean hotel with average size rooms, large vanities, and an adequate exercise room.  Exercise room has a nice universal machine, a treadmill, stair stepper, and stationary bike.  Food is good and prices are average.  Chocolate Chip Cookies are passed out at check-in which is standard at all Doubletree Hotels. rating 6 out of a possible 10. 

fort myers, florida, hampton inn airport, 9241 market place road (239) 768-2525 - Hampton Inns double billed my credit card. I stayed at the Ft. Myers Airport Hampton Suites on March 29, 2002. My checking account was debited $173.31 on Mar 30, 2002. On June 18, 2002, they re-billed me for the same amount. I contacted that location and they admitted that their computer had "been down" and when fixed double billed some customers. Several times I discussed this with desk clerks and management and they promised immediate action. Nothing happened so I registered a complaint with Hampton Inns corporate Guest Assistance 1-800-426-7866. I was told that the motel would be given 72 hours to correct the error. The motel called me on Aug 7, 2002 and told me the error had been corrected. On Aug 9, they took an additional $173.31 from my checking account. On Aug 12, this erroneous charged was corrected. This still leaves the Jun 18, 2002, unauthorized charge unresolved. On Aug 20, 2002 my credit card company credited my account $173.31 and is going after Hampton Inns for reimbursement. I e-mailed the corporate web page and asked that my original $173.31 be refunded because I was not 100% satisfied with their service which is their advertised policy. As of Aug 26, I have received no response.

(Case #090502)

fort Worth, Texas, radisson, Fort Worth (817) 870-2100:  Good choice, if staying in downtown Ft. Worth.  Located near good restaurants and convenient to shopping, this hotel offers, clean rooms, a nice workout room and reasonably priced restaurant.  Rooms are clean and computer hookups are conveniently located on the desk.  rating 6 out of a possible 10. 

houston, texas , hilton, nasa clearlake (281) 333-9300:  Very nice hotel located on the water across the street from the Houston Space Center.  Large rooms with nice bathrooms and a very good workout room.  Prices are reasonable and personnel are courteous.  Nice restaurant with a view of Clear Lake. From 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM complimentary drinks are served to Hilton Honors members.   Watch phone charges.  If you are on the phone for more than an hour you are charged .20 cents per minute which is not prominently posted. rating:  8 out of a possible 10. 

houston, texas, clarion, nasa one road (281) 488-0220:  Located close to the Houston Space Center, this hotel is well below the standards of other Clarion hotels.  Rooms are furnished with worn out furniture, the televisions are at least 10 to 15 years old, the linens are stained as are the pillows underneath the pillow cases.  Lights were not working and the phone, in at least one room, did not work.  The shower head had a continuous, garden hose like solid spray of water.  The breakfast offered was very unappealing.  Service was bad and personnel in the dining room were less than courteous.  rating 2 out of a possible 10.  

houston, texas, holiday inn, nasa road:  Nice hotel, courteous service and, as is typical of Holiday Inns,  clean, neat rooms. Restaurant is clean and personnel courteous.  Prices for the rooms are competitive and food prices reasonable.  Convenient to Houston Space Center and other area points of interest.  Workout room was not reviewed.  Rating 5 out of a possible 10.   

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, OMNI SEVERIN, (317-634-6664:  This hotel is located in downtown Indianapolis.  It is an older hotel and many of the rooms are small.  No soda machines available.  If you want a soft drink you must go down stairs, have room service, or use the mini bar.  The mini bar is very expensive $2.48 for one coke, $3.75 or an Oreo cookie.  Restaurant is average and prices are reasonable.  Exercise room has some free weights and a variety of weight machines in good condition.  Three treadmills and two stair steppers.  The pool is indoors.  RATING 5 OUT OF POSSIBLE 10.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, HOLIDAY INN AIRPORT, (904) 741-4404:  Nice Setting, two pools, mediocre workout rooms, three treadmills and a marginal universal weight machine.  Nice lobby bar, clean restaurant with good food.  Rooms are clean and average size.  No shower massages.  RATING:  7 OUT OF A POSSIBLE 10.  

 key west Florida, Sheraton hotel, :  The hotel advertises no charge for local calls, but will include it on your bill anyway.  beware!! Double check your bill.  This hotel does not air condition the dining room and it is very uncomfortable during hot summer days.  Air conditioning in the rooms, at night, is marginal.  The treadmills in the exercise rooms cannot be set to zero incline because the wheels on the aft portion of the treadmill are crushed.  Additionally, towels in the exercise room were not restocked during the four day visit but a towel rack was there.  Cooling in the exercise room is inadequate.  Pool water is cloudy.  Maid did not restock bar or replace used glasses. The "shower massage"  was inoperative, and the  Front desk had to be called on one occasion to get room serviced.  It is extremely hard to navigate around the poolside bar due to oversized chairs obstructing the flow of traffic.   This is an all suite hotel and the rooms are nice.  However, the complex looks like an apartment building turned into a hotel.  The hotel is located across the street from the ocean.  rating:  4 out of a possible 10. 

(Case #081601)

Las vegas, nevada, Las Vegas Palace station, (702) 367-2411:  Okay hotel with spacious rooms and a casino.  Bathrooms are large and service is good and reasonably priced.  Exercise room is not well maintained and small.  Not much to offer.  Hotel furnishings have not been updated.  rating: 4 out of a possible of 10.  

newark, New jersey, crowne plaza, (732) 574-0100,: The hotel has just been remodeled.  Clean rooms average size for a Holiday Inn property.  The exercise has a treadmill and several bicycles but does not have a weight machine or free weights.  No gift shop but you can buy a few snacks by the desk.  Food is average.  About 20 minutes from the Airport.  rating: 5 out of a possible 10.

new york city, new york, park central (212)247-8000:  Typical older Manhattan hotel.  The heating system is either on Air Conditioning, Heat, or off.  You cannot control the room temperature in your room.  In the spring when the heat is turned off and you have a cold snap, you will be cold and cannot do anything about it.  In the fall when the air conditioning is turned off and you have a heat wave, you will be hot.  Check in is slow.  The hotel is clean and centrally located.  Food is good but expensive.  Expect to pay at least $20.00 per person for breakfast.  The work out room has 3 treadmills, two stair steppers, a weight machine and a sit-up bench.  RATING: 4 OUT OF A POSSIBLE 10.

OKLAHOMA CITY, HILTON NORTHWEST, (405) 848-4811:  Clean hotel located a distance from downtown Oklahoma City.  Rooms are average size.  The restaurant serves good food at a reasonable price.  Hotel has an exercise room with 2 treadmills, a stair stepper and a weight machine.  An outdoor pool is available in the summer.  rating: 6 out of a possible 10.

omaha, nebraska, doubletree hotel downtown, (402) 346-7600:  Don't stay at this hotel in the spring or fall.   Hotel has a central heating system.  It is either on heat, air conditioning, or off.  As a result, if you have a hot day in the spring, you might not have any cooling or if you have a cold day you won't have any heat.  Not a good situation!  Rooms are clean, restaurant is pricey for the location.  Exercise room is dismal with one treadmill, an old universal weight machine and a stair stepper.  You do get one chocolate chip cookie at check in, if the desk clerk remembers.  This hotel is not recommended.  rating 3 out of a possible 10.

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, SHERATON HOTEL,  (909) 937-8000:  Customer made numerous local phone calls.  Was presented with a huge bill for long distance.  Long distance calls can be made from the rooms without dialing an area code or "1."  The hotel discusses this in guest directory but it is not posted on the telephones.  Another consumer trap and a method used by some hotels to generate additional revenue.  Hotel is clean and the dining room is comfortable.  During the visit the exercise room was in good condition.  Rooms are clean and well maintained.  BEWARE!!  Double check with the desk before making local calls to make sure you are not inadvertently dialing long distance.   It should be an FCC mandated requirement to post long distance numbers not requiring a 1 prefix on the phone and notify guests verbally!!  rating:  6 out of a possible 10.

(Case #080101)

 philadelphia, pennsylvania, holiday inn airport,(610) 521-2400:  Average Holiday Inn.  Moderately priced.  Exercise room does not have a weight machine or weights of any kind.  Rooms are clean and Hotel is clean.  Hotel provides a list of telephone exchanges that are free and adequately warns you of possible long distance charges if you dial numbers not on their list.  Restaurant is 5 out of 10.  Denny's nearby but old and not very clean.  Several good restaurants in the area.  rating: 5 out of a possible 10.

philadelphia, pennsylvania, wyndham philadelphia at franklin plaza, (215) 448-2000:  Located in downtown Philadelphia, this is a moderately priced well maintained hotel.  The lobby is attractive and,  the rooms are average size with shower massages, and internet hookup.  The downside of this hotel is the workout facility.  Their is a $15.00 charge to use the workout equipment.   Food prices are average and soda machines are available on the floors.  Plenty of TV channels and movies to choose from.  Local calls are charged at $.95 per call.  Rating: 5 out of a possible 10.

St. Louis, Holiday inn airport north, (314) 731-2100:  Near the airport and across the street from the Howard Johnson's Airport, this hotel offers clean rooms and restaurant  The atrium has a pool, hot tub, and volley ball nets as well as an area with games for kids.  Rooms are average with coffee makers a good selection of television channels, and  baths include shower massages.  The workout room is not very good and the only treadmill is old and usually broken.  Rates vary depending upon the bookings.  Moderately priced.  rating 5 out of a possible 10.

ST. LOUIS, HOWARD JOHNSON'S AIRPORT, (314) 731-3800:  Located near the airport, this hotel is relatively convenient.  Shuttle service to/from the airport and the malls.  Friendly personnel.  Rooms are average size, clean and well kept but coffee only in some rooms and no shower massages.  Pool is outdoors and not open in the winter.  Exercise room has two treadmills and a weight machine.  The restaurant is reasonably priced but no room service.  Local phone calls are $.25.  rating: 5 out of a possible 10.

San francisco, california, hilton, (415) 771-1400:  Located in the middle of downtown San Francisco, this hotel offers everything you will need.  Clean rooms, shower massages, in-room coffee, etc.  Nice restaurants and shopping in the hotel.  Good workout room with 4 treadmills several stair steppers and a variety of weight machines including some free weights.  The also offer massage service.  Plenty to do in one of the most fascinating cities in the world.  All hotels in downtown San Francisco are pricey. rating:  8 out of a possible 10.

springfield, missouri holiday inn, university plaza, (417) 864-7333:  Located near downtown Springfield, this hotel is structurally appealing.  The atrium and water falls adds a warm touch to the nice decor.  Rooms are large, well maintained and clean with shower massages.  Indoor pool and exercise room.  The exercise room has 3 treadmills and a few barbells but no weight machine or significant free weights.  Food is reasonably priced.  High speed internet access.  Employees are friendly and helpful.  rating: 6 out of a possible 10.

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