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 internet directory

Dell Home Systems

Art:  www.gugenheim.com

Art (Web):  www.sva.edu/mfacad

African American Comm.:  www.bet.com

Asian American Comm.:  www.click2asia.com

Asset Protection:  www.perceptivestrategies.com

Atlas:  www.nationalgeographic.com

Auctions:  www.ebay.com

Bank:  www.citi.com

Bargain Hunter:  www.techbargain.com

Broker:  www.charlesschwab.com

Cancer Resource:  www.cancernet.gov

Cancer Resource:  www.cancer.gov/trials

Car Buying:  www.carsdirect.com

Chat:  www.chat.yahoo.com

City Guides:  www.citysearch.com

City Guides (Clubs):  www.timeout.com

Classroom Resource:  www.pbs.org

Computer Product Reviews:  www.zdnet.com

Consumer Computer News:  www.cnet.com

Consumer Prod. Reviews:  www.eopinions.com

Cooking:  www.mauichef.com

Cultural Digest:  www.aldaily.com

Cultural Events Guide:  www.culturefinder.com

Dictionary:  www.yourdictionary.com

Disability Community:  www.wemedia.com

Divorce:  www.completecase.com

Divorce:  www.perceptivestrategies.com

DVD Rental:  www.netflix.com

Edu. Kids Site:  www.school.discovery.com

Entertainment News/Gossip:  www.eonline.com

Entertainment News/Gossip:  www.ew.com

Exposes:  www.thesmokinggun.com

Finance:  www.smartmoney.com

Finance (broker):  www.charlesschwab.com

Financial Planning:  www.financialengines.com

Financial Privacy:  www.perceptivestrategies.com

Fitness and Nutrition:  www.asimba.com

Fantasy Sports:  www.sportsline.com

Fantasy Sports:  www.sandbox.com

Fashion:  www.eluxury.com

Food and Drink:  www.epicurius.com

Food and Drink:  www.mauichef.com

Food and Drink:  www.republicoftea.com

Food (Genetically Altered):  www.thecampaign.org

Foreclosures:  www.foreclosuedata.com

Free e-mail:  www.yahoo.com

Free Games:  www.pogo.com

Game News/Reviews:  www.gamespot.com

Gay Community:  www.gay.com

Gay Community:  www.pridepage.com

Geek Hangout:  www.slashdot.org

Genealogy:  www.rootsweb.com

Giving:  www.helping.org

Golf:  www.golfonline.com/travel

Graphics (interactive):  www.usatoday.com

Handheld (PDA) Software:  www.palmgear.com

Handheld (PDA) Tools:  www.vindigo.com

Health Information:  www.cdc.gov

Health Care:  www.webmd.com

Health Care:  www.medscapehealth.com

Heart Disease:  www.americanheart.org

Home Buying:  www.homeadvisor.com

Home Companion:  www.marthastewart.com

Home Companion:  www.bhg.com

Home Page Builder:  www.hometown.aol.com

Home Page Builder:  www.homestead.com

Hotel Discounts:  www.hoteldiscount.com

Hotel Reviews:  www.tattletaleconsumerhotline.com

How To Site:  www.learn2.com

Humor:  www.theonion.com

Humor:  www.modernhumorist.com



Instant Messaging:  www.aol.com/aim

Instant Messaging:  www.messenger.yahoo.com

Insurance:  www.insweb.com

Job Hunting:  www.monster.com

Job Hunting:  www.hotjobs.com

Latino Community:  www.elsitio.com

Learning:  www.britannica.com

Literature:  www.bartleby.com

Loan Source:  www.getsmart.com

Magazines (online): www.slate.com

Magazines (online):  www.salon.com

Martian Photo Shot:  www.msss.com/plan/intro

Media News and Gossip:  www.medianews.com

Medical (Alternative):  www.nccam.nih.gov

Mental Health:  www.mentalhealth.com

Mortgage:  www.perceptivestrategies.com

Movie Research:  www.imdb.com

Movie Reviews:  www.mrqe.com

Movie Reviews:  www.checkthegrid.com

Movie Quizzes:  www.filmwise.com

Music (Best Overall):  www.sonicnet.com

Music Downloads:  www.audiogalaxy.com

Music Reference:  www.allmusicguide.com

Music Events:  www.festivalfinder.com

Net News Monitor:  www.ojr.org

News:  www.cnn.com

News:  www.bbc.co.uk

News:  www.msnbc.com

News (business):  www.wsj.com

Newspapers:  www.washingtonpost.com

Newspapers:  www.nytimes.com

Net Radio:  www.real.com

Nutrition:  www.nutrition.gov

Parenting:  www.dadmag.com

Pets (medical):  www.morrisanimalfoundation.org

Pets (medical):  www.petinsurance.com

Pets (medical):  www.vetcancersociety.org

Photo Processing:  www.ofoto.com

Politics:  www.drudgereport.com

Press Alternative:  www.alternet.org

Price Finder:  www.pricegrabber.com

Reference:  www.refdesk.com

Remote Control:  www.gotomypc.com

Science and Tech.:  www.howstuffworks.com

Search Engine:  www.google.com

Software Downloads:  www.download.com

Spirituality:  www.beliefnet.com

Sports Hub:  www.espn.com

Stores (online):  www.amazon.com

Tax advice:  www.taxplanet.com

Tech Support:  www.expertlive.com

Translator:  www.babel.altavista.com

Travel (location reviews):  www.igougo.com

Travel:  www.expedia.com

Travel:  www.priceline.com

Travel (adventure):  www.iexplore.com

Travel Problems:  www.passengerrights.com

Travel Problems:  www.ticked.com

Travel Problems:  www.travelproblems.com

Virtual Money:  www.paypal.com

Volunteer:  www.usafreedomcorps.gov

Web Art:  www.sva.edu/mfacad

Web Cam:  www.spotlife.com

Web Design:  www.iwebcenters.com/okleypost

Web Info:  www.netsol.com/cgi-bin/whois/whois

Web Log:  www.kottke.org

Web Portal:  www.yahoo.com

Web Programming:  www.atomfilms.com

Web Programming:  www.shockwave.com

Web Programming:  www.screenblast.com

Women:  www.ivillage.com



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