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Name: Tony;  EMAIL: tw@dmspg.com;  SUBJECT: PETMARKET.COM;  CITY: Manchester;  STATE: 03109;  Date: 04 Sep 2007;  Time: 15:47:04

2nd complaint about refund policy at petmarket.com - What is the deal with petmarket.com? Are they crooked can I expect my money back? I ordered something 3 weeks ago and it's processing but my CC was charged within 24hrs of the order. I spoke with Mary 1-800-782-0627 and she told me the products were on backorder, So my option was to wait or cancel the order. I cancelled the order last week and I have yet to see a dime of my money! I have filed a dispute with my bank and hopefully I will get the money back. Do not recommend this company to your worst enemy!

(Case #09052007A)

Name: Carroll Mosley;  SUBJECT: bad business practices ; CITY:  Graham;  STATE: Texas, 76450;  Date: 28 Aug 2007;  Time: 14:04:34;  

WHAT GOES? - Allstate's of America, Inc. is a rip-off. Don't do business with them. When you order from them you do not get your merchandise or money back. The staff is very rude, they will lie to you about when your merchandise shipped.  They will give you a bogus UPS tracking number. They will hang up on you. This happened to me Aug. 2007.

Followup:  I posted this complaint about Allstate's of America, Inc. the other day. Everything I said is true but to be fair to the company, I had to post on here again that the item I ordered arrived the day I posted the complaint but I still will not ever buy from them again because they are very rude and unprofessional. I finally checked the BBB in Florida and found out that they have had 14 complaints on them in the last 36 months and have a F rating with the BBB. I was lucky I guess because I did finally receive the merchandise. BEWARE OF THEM!!

(Case #08282007A)

WATCH airsoftgunroom.com FOR POSSIBLE FRAUD - I tried to purchase a Christmas gift for my son from an internet store.  I have been ripped off and now I can not even get a return email, they wont answer a phone call. Nothing!! The website was the Airsoftgunroom.com I was attempting to purchase an airsoft gun and accessories for my son for Christmas. I placed my order on November 28th. And so far got an email stating my expected ship date was to be December 1st. I never got a tracking number and of course never recieved my items. I am very angry about this as my Christmas budget is very strapped this year. So $78 is down the tubes!!



WATCH FLEXPROTEX AS ADVERTISED ON TELEVISION - (Hui Y Quinn, Austin, Texas) I was watching TV and was impressed with an advertisement about Flexprotex. I called the number offered on the advertisement and gave my credit card number and address. In a short time the product offered came to my house. I wasn't to impressed with the product once I received it I was surprised to receive another bottle in the mail which I didn't order ,however the second bottle was charged to my credit card In ordering the first bottle I was never informed there would be subsequent bottles ordered with out my consent .  After receiving the second bottle I contacted my credit card company to cancel any further orders. I contacted ITV who told me the procedure in returning the both bottles and receiving a refund The entire refund to be around 93 dollars.  As of Nov 14,2006 I have not received a refund (the date I was promised the refund)  I am fully prepared to voice my concerns about being deceived to the many consumer complaint web sites designed for situation I have described .At no time was I ever treated with any respect from anyone I talked to in your company.


WHAT'S THE DEAL PAYPAL.COM - (Gary Girouard, San Antonio, TX) - Plead for you help on this situation.  I have been a Pay pal verified customer for many years, and on Oct 14, I decided to send money to my daughter, who lives in Rhode Island, age 15 to the Guardian account she and I are on.  Pay pal's credit card verification system went down over the weekend and kept asking to retry the transaction, I replied yes, and the my accounts were suspended.  I contacted Pay pal, and my account was reopened, and I was on he phone with a rep named Eric, and Trevor as we tried to perform the transaction again, and the funding went through.  Soon after, within an hour, my accounts were closed again for verification of bank accounts.  I spoke to a supervisor named Lynn, in the Nebraska center whom said to gather my bank accounts statements, and Drivers license and fax them to her the next day, as she was going to call between 5 and 6 pm central time at home.  I never received the phone call, and therefore I called Pay pal again and got another male supervisor who refused to help me.  I asked that the funds be released since my accounts have been verified since 2000, and he refused.  I would like help to get my funds released from Pay pal, and then close my accounts for good. I seek no damages, and will walk away happy if they would work with me.





NOT SUCH A GOOD BUY AFTER ALL!!! - (Karen Davis, Hazelwood, Mo) - Buyscooteronline.Com, 1201 Jellick Ave., City of Industry, CA.91748, Phone #1-626-810-8188 - I purchased a pocket bike for my son 8/08/04 it took 8 days to arrive which took my 30 day warranty down to 22 days.  I emailed them on 8/10/04 and 8/13/04 to confirm they received my order - they never replied, and I never received an order #/confirmation via e-mail.  It broke the 2nd day he had it - now my warranty was down to 20 days.  I ordered the replacement parts via telephone on 8/23/04.  I e-mailed them on 8/31/04 twice to inquire as to where the parts were.  The parts finally arrived on 9/2/04 - 10 days after ordering them.  The fuel line I needed was for a different bike - the wheel they sent me was flat and will not hold air.  Rather then deal with waiting I tried to get it repaired in my area to no avail - apparently no one wants to repair an item not purchased from them.  I e-mailed Shelly on 9/21/04 and told her the problem - she said my warranty was up and "best regards".  Please do not purchase from this vendor - my neighbor also purchased 1 for his son about 12 days after I did and he has had the same problems.  They will not reply to your e-mails and the phone# is long distance - you almost always get an answering machine and they do not return calls - I only got through via phone by hitting the prompt that says purchase a scooter, when you hit the other 2 prompts: customer service or repair you get the answering machine.  This pocket bike was 299.00 + 49.00 shipping and its junk.





BEWARE FELLOW CLASSMATES - (Vikki Foley, San Jose, Ca) - I have been duped by classmates.com.  You pay the gold membership for 39.00 then find out you cannot correspond with your classmates unless THEY HAVE ALSO PAID.  It's a big scam.




A FAVORITE TACT BY TELEMARKETERS - (T J Wiggins, Wilkesboro, NC) Today, 02/17/04, I responded to a TV ad by telephone after having seen it a number of times over the past few weeks. The ad was for a music program entitled "Queens of Country" and was offered at a special price of $9.99 + S&H in either cassette tape or CD by Time Life Communications. The telephone number I used is 800-862-2882. The lady taking my call was very courteous and business-like. After she had completed taking my order, she gave me a spiel about another opportunity which I patiently listened to and politely declined. This was followed by another spiel offering quicker delivery for yet another additional fee of over $6. I also politely declined that opportunity. As she was completing the information, including the delivery time frame, she said something like in approximately 4 weeks you will receive -----. I stopped her and told her that there was no "club" membership mentioned in the ad and that she had mentioned none until she was trying to slide it by me unnoticed. She said, but you are under no obligation to buy it, to which I replied that I would be under an obligation to pay for it or return it, neither of which was acceptable. I told her that if this was a condition of the deal she should cancel the order. She explained that this is the way the company had set it up. I told her to cancel the order, thanked her, and told her that I would be in contact with the Attorney Gen of NC then hung up the phone. I consider this to be manipulative sales practice and whether illegal or not, I feel that consumers should not be subjected to such "slight of hand (or tongue)" as the case may be. I believe that others should be made aware of this lure thru advertising which gives no warning of a "hook" in the deal.



WATCH EDIRECTPROMOTIONS.COM - (Patricia, Chatsworth, California) - I was solicited by edirectpromotions.com to participate in their surveys to make between $50 -$125 per survey. The red flag, which I ignored, was to pay a fee of $29.95 and I would have access to surveys on the net and be paid for my participation. After I paid the $29.95 , I was emailed a "dead link or url" to a dead site. When I typed the url, I got the message, "this site is not available at this time.." I went to networksolutions.com to find the name of a contact for edirectpromotions.com and could only find the person who hosts the site. He didn't have contact information for the company. I'm out $29.95 and have never been able to access a survey. I think they are still fraudulently taking consumers hard-earned dollars. Check this one out.


Be Careful when ordering products on the internet.  The following is a huge problem - (Marilyn  Konicki, Steubenville, Ohio) I purchased 3 credit reports & 3 free credit scores from creditreport.com. They charged my account $29.95 and stated my order was accepted, but registration was not complete and I am not able to view my report. They gave me a bogus toll free customer service number, which is only a recording, and their response from my e-mail was they were sorry I was having trouble, and they gave me their bogus toll free phone number to call customer service. 


WATCH JD MARVEL PRODUCTS OPERATING OUT OF CANADA -(Lori Dickerson) On October 27th of 2003, I ordered, for my mother,  Marcia Johnson, 2 pair of moccasins from J.D. Marvel Products, Inc. I found the insert in our local newspaper, the Sunday edition. I am not this so-called company's only victim either. If you will go to My3Cents.com you will see many other similar complaints against J.D. Marvel. As of this date, I still have not received the shoes or the money back. I have written them several emails, and tried calling them, also. They do not respond to emails, and NEVER answer the phone, yet they do leave you listening to a recording all the while your phone bill goes up. It is not a toll free call. I did, however, finally find a toll free number for this company based in Canada, but it is always a busy signal when you call it. I have reported them to the BBB, but since this company is based in Canada, it is not governed by U.S. laws. The BBB said that the 2 U.S. addresses they do have are drop-ships. I sent them a money order, but many others have sent them personal checks and this company sure cashes these in record time. They are taking peoples money and sending nothing back in return. You can publish this complaint or not. It doesn't really matter, except for the next poor person who sends them even more money for something they will never get. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Lori Dickerson


uBID( again!) / THRIFTY TRAVEL CORPORATION - (Alexander Martinez, College Point, New York) TUBID 18 months ago.  I paid $284.00 for the package including a $50.00 room deposit.  To this date, they have not gotten anything for me.  They don't even answer mail, emails or phone calls.  Buyers beware of these two companies!!!



PRICELINE.COM - (Gregory Brewer, Pearl City, Hawaii)  My name is Gregory Brewer and I have a complaint against priceline.com's no refund cancellation policy. I requested to have an airline reservation that I made a couple of weeks ago to be extended up to one year as I could not make the trip due to work commitments. The response that I received back was that under no circumstances could I have this ticket extended to be used from one year of the purchase date.  Apparently priceline.com does not allow for flexibility in this day and age. I informed priceline.com that due to an event at work that I would be unable to make the trip and may I please be granted an extension of up to one year. I do not feel that priceline's polices are fair and flexible. I strongly feel that this policy should be reviewed and changed to allow for flexibility. I would be willing to pay a penalty fee but this company does not even go about doing that. I feel that this policy should be changed or reviewed for cancellations on a case by case basis.



Watch internet america -  (Keith Hall, Seabrook, Texas)  Internet America (IA) refuses to issue partial refund for internet services. Internet America's switch provider for DSL filed for bankruptcy and IA could no longer offer service in my area. They refuse to refund 1/2 of the $59.43 that they charged each month. I was informed by Keith R. of their Dallas office that since IA had paid the line provider that I was out of luck.  I was not asking for a full month, only the part in which they failed to offer service. By the way, if I had stopped service before 1 year, I would have to pay $150.00. So they have keep the money from thousands of customers and refuse to issue partial refund.  Beware of internet service providers who are not established and well known.  Bankruptcy is final.  Consumers suffer!!



Hey Big, MINORS DON'T COUNT - My eleven year old joined BMG Music service club without permission. we wrote repeatedly on the statements that this was a minor child and we were not allowing his membership and requested the company stop sending the automatic shipments. They continued to ship and we returned every one unopened and marked "REFUSED" on the package. They have now turned this child's name over to a collection agency. I thought a company could not enter into a contract with a minor. Are we mistaken?



WOW, WHAT GOES WITH WWW.123MUSIC.COM? -  (Jessica, Sour Lake, Texas)  I ordered a Daisy Rock guitar from www.123music.com on October 16th. I was told that it shipped in October, then after calling to ask about it when it wasn't received, was told it would ship November 26th. I called again and now am being told that it will not ship until January 30th, over 3 months after I ordered it. Even though their website says that your credit card won't be debited until it ships, mine already has, plus I paid an extra $35 for 3 day shipping. I never received an e-mail about it being on backorder like their website claimed I would and they never bothered to contact me in anyway to tell me the shipping date changed until I called and complained. I would definitely not recommend purchasing anything from this website.


Strike 2 for www.ubid.com (see below)- (Phillip Boyd, Kennesaw, Georgia) UBID CLOSES THEIR CONSUMER EXCHANGE with no prior notice. Without notifying anyone they closed all auctions, even some with bids. I have been told that I will not receive my listing fees back for the auction they closed. If they treat their own "partners" this way, I feel that they are not safe to do any type of business with. Dump your stock now!! I see UBID going into the basement!




Trouble with this costume company - (Andee Steinman, Palm Desert, California)  On October 4, 2002 I placed an online order with www.hollywood-costumes.com. I received an e-mail order confirmation. I was not charged at that time, but was told that I would be when the items shipped. From that day forward I was never able to get in touch with the company again. They did not reply to my e-mails (sent on 10/15, 10/19, and 10/23) and their phones were busy 24 hours a day. Because the charge had been authorized, I knew they could ship at any time, and I couldn't afford two costumes, so I waited for them to ship. They never shipped the costume and have still not contacted me.




watch this company, they don't seem to refund money in a timely manner, if at all!! (Dena Abercrombie, Huntersville, North Carolina) I called PetMarket.com around the first of June 2002 to obtain a return authorization for the life jacket. The life jacket was too big for my dog and had never been used. I got an authorization from Meryl Martin and sent the life jacket back via insured UPS. On June 5, 2002, someone named Lynn at PetMarket.com signed for the package. I called PetMarket.com several weeks later when I still did not receive credit for the charge on my credit card. I spoke with Meryl and verified that they had received the life jacket and that it was in acceptable condition. She assured me that I would receive a credit in the next few days. She said the delay was due to the credit department “being out sick.” Several weeks passed and I still did not receive credit on my credit card. I called numerous times and was forced to leave a message because “all the lines were busy.” No one ever returned my calls. I finally spoke with Meryl again by phone on July 21, 2002, and was given another excuse as to why my credit had not been issued. Meryl did e-mail me that PetMarket.com had received the life jacket and they would be issuing a credit. Again, several weeks went by and I left more messages and sent an e-mail to PetMarket.com. I still received no response. I was able to get in touch with Meryl in early September and asked her again about my credit. It has now been over four months and I still have not received credit for the life jacket. I followed the PetMarket.com return policy and feel that I should have received my credit in a timely manner.




bbw Datefinder consumer fraud alert? (Name withheld by request) I signed up with Dating Tech's online service, PAID $19.95 (they charged my credit card online) and *literally* about 12 HOURS after they charged my credit card, they deleted my account for a frivolous reason. It took several e-mails to finally get a response from them, and when they finally did respond, they refused to reinstate my account, or refund my money. Clearly this is some sort of scam. This company has an existing negative history with the Better Business Bureau.



Important information for anyone who has been screwed by Ticketsupfront!!!!!! (Tara Hollants, Ottawa, Ontario)  http://www.in.gov/attorneygeneral/consumer/index.htm, then click on file complaint at bottom of the page.  He needs as many people to come forward as possible to help the case!



SmartHome.com -  Ask internet companies if they pay for shipping to return items!!!!!  (Robert Pentecost, Marietta, Georgia)  I ordered a rechargeable blender from the Smarthome website. The lightweight blender top leaked all the over the place the first time I attempted to use it and even after tightening continued to leak. Smarthome was nice enough to offer to replace or refund the blender if I paid to ship the whole 20 lbs thing back to them. They send me a defective product and I have to pay for shipping! If I wanted a refund I would end up paying for shipping 2 times. This is the most ridiculous return policy I have ever encountered. Lets penalize the customer for sending a defective or broken product. Order # 0000638600 - We agree Robert!




TICKETSUPFRONT.COM - (Scott Leech, Lubbock, Texas)  Ticketsupfront.com owes me $439.74 credit due to a canceled show. Every time I call, the line is busy and their web page will no longer work. Are they still in business? What are my options?  They are out of business!!!




Ticketsupfront.com - do not buy tickets via the internet from little known companies or this might happen to you - (Chad Garland, Manchester, New Hampshire)  I have been ripped off by Ticketsupfront.com. I ordered four tickets four months ago and now they are telling me the $300. plus dollars I spent is gone. They are thieves and rip-off artists....BEWARE!!! I am going after them in every way possible.



Ticketsupfront.com - buyer beware purchasing tickets etc from little known companies this is a classic "screw job:"  (Domenic, Wolcott, Connecticut)  I Purchased 2 tickets from www.ticketsupfront.com to go see the New England Patriots play against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday December 29, 2002 at Foxboro, Mass. I paid 291.73 for a total with shipping included. They sent me a notice that they are going out of business and filed for bankruptcy. They wont give me the tickets, nor will they refund me my money back. They are the biggest frauds out there. Please help, this game means so much to my girlfriend, this was supposed to be her birthday present, and now she is very upset and I am madder than hell because I am out of money on top of it. Thank you for your help and understanding of this matter.  Recommendation to consumers -  Purchase from a well known company like "Ticketmaster."



aol strike two -  (Dana Fondren, North Carolina)  My complaint is with America Online. I have been double billed for 2 years and they refuse to talk to me or issue a refund due to their 90 day complaint policy. The legal department refuses to call back and I want action to be done.




aol is taking hits -  (Saoni, New York City, New York)  Well hi to all I write to let you know that I never liked AOL and I was never interested in them so I got MSN and Verizon so it seems like I got my phone bill a couple of days ago and AOLl is charging me $28.90 for their internet provider without me having an AOL account.  This is just incredible I would like to let everyone know what AOL did to me so people could see that AOL isn't as good as it seems




wow! a complaint about aol's enforcement policy -    (Michael Thompson, Greeley, Colorado) I am writing to make a complaint about America Online and the AOL subscriber known as "The USER" or TheUSERrrr@aol.com. About a year ago, the USER began coming into two chatrooms which I frequent on AOL and began to viciously harass, degrade, insult, and slander the people who happened to be participating in the room chat. His language and tone has been extremely vulgar and offensive and includes the worst possible profanity as well as horrible references to child molestation, racial slurs, and threats of violence. His only intentions when coming in the chat room is to disrupt things. I have used the "notify aol" button literally hundreds of times to report his conduct and I know others have too. People are shocked when they come in the room and see the goings on in there, including myself. This person blatantly violates the Terms Of Service, AOL's own guidelines for proper online conduct, on a daily basis, people report him, and yet, he is allowed to continue. I want to know why this is allowed to happen??? The AOL policy for account termination is a farce. Even still, if these procedures were followed, how can The USER, who is reported every day by many people, continue his assaults as long as he has? AOL's policy is that all complaints about a person during a single day only count as one. I disagree with this way of thinking. If 6 people in one day complain about someone, that should count as 6 complaints period! Not one. It a no brainer. My guess would be that this person has been complained about not hundreds of times, but thousands. I have wondered if there is someone on the inside helping him. I just can't figure it out.  I appreciate your site and the chance to make my complaint heard. In my opinion, The USER has every right to come in the chat rooms as anyone else. However, he should be held to the same standards as everyone else, something that hasnt happened yet. I have threatened to cancel AOL and will do so if something isnt done.




watch internet purchases from this company that has refused to take returns for unopened merchandise:  (From Fernando Osorio, Springfield, Virginia)  On July 4th  I bought (Order # 112924) and audio card Echo Mia and a Midiman USB interface from Music 123 (www.music123.com) . When I got the products I realized that the audio card was not compatible with my computer; then, on July 15, I called to return the product but a costumer service representative and a manager told me that they were non-returnable items.The manager gave the e-mail address of another manager who could make an exception and allow me to return the product. I e-mailed him a letter but I have not received any response. The box is unopened, the product is in perfect shape; I only want to return the audio card and get my money back ($199.99). I want to add that the purchase information did not advertise about the hardware requirements nor the fact that those items were non-returnable.



Wow, this company charged again after the fact:  (Ruthann White)  We need help with a problem!!  We ordered concert tickets online at www.ticketsupfront.com.  We were charged a total of $763.50 for 2. When the tickets came, they were the wrong seats and they were only $117.00 instead of $350.00.  Now the company did say they OVER booked. They also were going to deduct the difference from the card. This was done,  However,  the following month the card was charged AGAIN, just under $500.00.... The man at the ticket place was rude and said that the tickets were worth more than what they were originally charged!! Can you believe the nerve?  How can you charge twice for something because you decide after the fact that it wasn't enough.. Now they are refusing to give this money back.  The tickets should of been a total of $234.00 plus $63.50 for shipping etc... Total $297.50,not $500.00 plus the original difference from before... We have all copies, of the tickets sent, shipping label, and credit card papers. If you can help us to get this settled, please email me and I will get you info, on name and number of person who used their card. Thank you for your time and help. Also the area where girls were to be,some seats were empty. Imagine the disappointment for these girls.


watch this internet web page developer - E-Merchant Club is a division of Specialty Merchandise Co out of Chatsworth California-Merchant club builds web sites for people, who want to sell on the internet.  I paid this company over $2800.00 to build a web site for me. The problem being this girl, Loretta, who wrote down all of the information for my new web site, put someone else's name on the new web site. When I called to get it corrected this tech by the name of Kirby, told me that it would cost me $199.00 to correct their mistake. The customer service department, ( in Arizona ) from what they tell me, send all my complaints to the tech people (in Chatsworth California ) but they are very poor about returning phone calls. When I would call the tech people about the problems I was having and ask to talk to a supervisor, they all seem to have that title.

Here is a list of all the supervisors that I have personally talked with, Steve, Mike, Caesar and Tyler. They do offer a satisfaction guarantee , but they keep you hanging on past the time limit, thinking that they will take care of the problem . Then you are really out of luck.  This is a company that the parent company ( Specialty Merchandise Co ) should police a little better.  I have even called Kerry Cox VP of marketing and left a message and he doesn't return calls either.I want a full refund from these people nothing less.

I have sent copies of complaints to Better Business Bureau, State Attorney Generals Office and the Fair Trade Commision. Please forward..........eMerchantclub.com;



ubid, www.ubid.com:  The following complaint was received concerning merchandise that was misrepresented by "UBID."


The item is below and was accompanied by a picture showing an assortment of socks.

Features This assortment presents a wide range of

- Sports socks for all outdoor occasions.

- Nice thick 100% Cotton Crew socks with reinforced heels and toes.

- Ideal for hiking, fishing, hunting, working outdoors  and any other outdoor activity. 

-  Some will be in a variety of colors, adult sizes and thickness. Some are thermal.

- Your typical "White" 100% cotton crew sock common in any athletic activity. 

- Again reinforced heels and toes. some are calf length and some are ankle high.


What I received was 4 plastic bags (24socks) from the same vendor and all men’s knee high crew socks (this was advertised in the women’s apparel section, the ‘adult’ I was told meant both men and women’s socks). Semantically you win but it is misleading. What outraged me is that 12 socks are white, 12 socks are red, all of the same type but of two different colors. Because the socks are of the same type, exactly the same type, but two different colors, you say they are assorted. This I claim is wrong and does not agree with ‘some…some are thermal…some are calf length, some are ankle high’ and if you say your language and the items sent agree, I say you made a concerted effort to deceive, especially since there was a picture of assorted socks accompanying the description. I do not want my money back. I want an assortment of sports socks, I want what was advertised and what I paid for.

Mikiye Nakanishi, S.F., CA 



bargain and haggle, (www.bargainandhaggle.com):  Mr. Tom Cotten of Yazoo City, Mississippi, went through this company and purchased a digital camera from Mr. Steven Shames.  Wrong move!!  Camera was no good and the manufacturer did not have good customer support.  As a matter of fact, it would have cost Mr. Cotten money to get support at all.  Bargain and Haggle would not support the consumer and Mr. Shames would not stand behind his product.  Beware of buying items through third parties.  Numerous complaints and rip-offs!  Plus, you have no "cheap" recourse if the product is defective.  A Prepaid Legal Plan can help consumers in these instances.  Your attorney will handle these cases free of charge (Plan costs $16.00 or $26.00 per month).  Click on the Prepaid Legal Plan hyperlink at the top of this page for more information.




The wok company, (www.greatwok.com:  The customer ordered a wok via the internet, on September 6, 2001, and paid $49.90 .  So far so good.  Then, on October 10, 2001, the company charged their credit card $96.00 for a coupon book, they didn't order (shame, shame wok company another consumer rip-off in the making).  The customer called to get their money back and got an argument instead.  However, after threatening the company with legal action, the money has been refunded to the consumer.




WAREHOUSE SPORTS SALES (www.warehousesportssales.com)  False Advertising!!!!!  Advertised on the internet to sell 15 Pure Protein Bars for a certain price.  Delivered 12 and said 15 was a mistake but would not pay the shipping for refunds and would not make good on the 15 bar ad!!!  HOW THIS CASE WAS RESOLVED:  Customer wrote to the Better Business Bureau but got lip service only.  Additionally, the company responded by saying "they did know there was a problem and the said the customer had received what was ordered.  Of course, the response was not true!  Note:  The Better Business Bureau HAS NO POWER OF ENFORCEMENT AND JUST ACTS AS A GO BETWEEN.  THEY ARE impotent in all cases.  They are only a sounding board!  Then the customer wrote the Attorney General, complaints division of the State of New York.  The Attorney Generals Internet Fraud division settled the complaint.  The customer received a refund for the bars not delivered.  




ONE OF A KIND ENTERTAINMENT - Consumer Lety Villasenor, contracted with this "entertainment company"  for a male stripper for a bachelorette party.  She picked out a picture on the internet and requested that male performer be sent to her house on a specific date.  When the entertainer arrived he was not as advertised in the picture.  As a matter of fact, "he looked nothing like the picture, he was a skinny, scrawny, rude, man who had no personality and did not do his job."  She contacted the company and spoke to Chris.  She alleges "he was sarcastic, he swore at me, and yelled at me."  She asked for her money back but was told, "NO."  LESSON:  WHEN DEALING WITH THESE "ENTERTAINMENT COMPANIES," NEVER PAY IN ADVANCE.  WAIT UNTIL THE PERSON ARRIVES, CHECK HIM OR HER OUT, IF ACCEPTABLE, PAY THE FEE AFTER THE PERFORMANCE.  IF NOT ACCEPTABLE, SEND HIM/HER BACK FOR A REPLACEMENT.  




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