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food for thought

We must hold our law enforcement officials to the "Highest Standards of Conduct" the same standards of conduct that we hold our Military Officers to.  They are an indispensable and necessary part of our society and we must pay appropriate salary levels to attract GOOD LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS.  Their is no room for mistakes when dealing with the lives of citizens in the United States.

Remember, in the united states, when you are accused of a crime, you are innocent until proven guilty.  Do we all, including the press abide by that rule?

quick notes

States with the most executions since 1976:  Texas 320, Virginia 85, Missouri 57, Florida 51, Oklahoma 50, Louisiana 26.  

security issues

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terrorism notes

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REDUCE YOUR CHANCES OF ANTHRAX INFECTION by 80% by using a face mask when handling mail or in a risky area according to Mark Nickess, an Anthrax expert at the University of California Berkeley. 

the fbi needs your help - Nineteen photographs of persons believed to be involved the September 11th hijackings have been released along with their last known addresses.  To view the photographs and last known addresses, and report any information you may have, click on the following:  fbi photographs

hot links to help better understand terrorism:  The following sites may help get a better understanding of the terrorist attacks through conversations with members of the humanities and faith communities and briefings from the Foreign Relations Council analyzing terrorism and America's ability to combat it.  insight on terrorism and foreign affairs

law enforcement working for you

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GENARLOW WILSON AND GEORGIA TEENAGER WAS A VICTIM OF "CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT" by the District Attorney and the people of Georgia according to the Georgia Supreme Court.  He had been sentenced to 10 years in prison two years ago for having consensual oral sex with another teenager when he was 17.  An absolutely absurd, out of control sentence.  When is this country going to impose strict penalties for out of control Judges and District Attorneys?  

bruce goodman, a utah man, who was wrongly convicted of rape and murder 19 years ago has been released after DNA evidence proved he was not the man at the scene.

Nicholas Yuccis who was wrongly convicted of rape and murder 22 years ago, and spent 22 years on death row, has been released after a long fight, and DNA evidence, proved his innocence.  Another example of an uncaring, insensitive prosecutor who did not do his duty as a public official.  The prosecutor in the case fought a battle to keep the DNA evidence out of court.  Another case of Good winning out over evil!!!  Nobody, in this country, should be sent to jail for something they did not do!!

convicts wrongly convicted and later released due to dna evidence (since1989):  212 persons convicted and later released due to DNA evidence (as of 01/2008).  

an arizona man convicted of murder in 1991 has become the 100th death row inmate since 1973 to be released because his conviction was overturned by DNA evidence.

We salute Illinois Governor George Ryan for his stand on "no mistake Death penalty."  Governor Ryan's stand on making the death penalty in Illinois 100% error free is exactly what is needed.  If we are going to execute people for crimes, we must be 100% certain that person is guilty.  Not one shred of doubt must exist.  38 states have the death penalty, 24 of those states have released inmates that were on death row but later found not guilty because of DNA or other evidence.  Since 1973, 99 people have been release after being found not guilty.  We will never know how many innocent people have been executed. 

An undercover officer in port St. lucie florida attended high school as a student for six months in a sting operation that resulted in the arrest of 26 students on a variety of drug charges.  The deputy in his mid 20's posed as a student and recorded the names of students who sold him drugs.  Charges included possession of Ecstacy, delivery of Cocaine, and cultivation of Marijuana.  Good Job!!

man freed after 18 years on death row:  Juan Melendez, 50, convicted of killing the owner of a cosmetology school in 1983 will be freed due to evidence that witnesses testifying against him lied and another man had confessed to the killing.  

man freed after 33 years in prison:  After 33 years imprisonment, Wilfred French was freed after prosecutors received documents showing the FBI knew a key witness lied during he trial.  Two other men had been freed earlier this year.

dna evidence frees 3 men in chicago:   Three men from Chicago,  Larry Ollins, 31; Calvin Ollins, 29; and Omar Saunders, 32,  who had served 14 years for a rape and murder of a medical student in Chicago, were freed after DNA evidence proved them innocent.  The question is, will their be any remuneration from the state for false imprisonment?

78 new york city policemen who lost their lives trying to evacuate people from the World Trade Center.

 OFFICER ERIC LEE, A CHICAGO POLICE OFFICER, who was shot to death when trying to help a person who was being beaten by two others.

Nice job to the Washington D.C. Police Department for their handling of the Chandra Levy / Gary Condit case.

Nice job Sagle, Idaho Sheriff's Department for handling, in a professional manner,  the crisis involving six children who barricaded themselves in their the house after their mother had been arrested !!!!

Nice job to the Wichita Sheriff who grabbed a woman attempting to jump from a bridge. She jumped, he grabbed her and managed to guide her away from the cement supports and into the river.  He just barely escaped falling into the river himself.  He saved her life!!


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a teenager in brooklyn is shot 20 times during a domestic disturbance.  His only crime was carrying a hair brush.  Another example of amateur, unprofessional behavior by police (11/13/2007).

A GEORGIA 17 YEAR OLD SENTENCED TO 10 YEARS FOR HAVING CONSENSUAL ORAL SEX WITH ANOTHER TEENAGER reflects how out of control District Attorney's are in our society. 

police officers in wisconsin who put a hood over a 20 year olds head in October 2004 then ignored his pleas when he said he could not breath.  He died of suffocation.  His crime - allegedly driving away from a gas pump without paying for the gas. 

five men convicted in 1990, when they were teenagers,  of, among other things, assaulting, raping, and sodomizing a female jogger in central park in New York city and sentenced to over 10 years in jail will be released after new evidence suggests they were not involved in the crime.

he served 15 years in prison for a rape he did not commit - Marvin Anderson has been pardoned by Virginia Governor Mark Warner after DNA evidence cleared him.  

watch your dogs if you live in fremont, california according to kimberly noller -  What the police are up to in the so called "Safest City in America."   On july 5th 2001 in Fremont, California, after conducting a drug raid, (where not a single narcotic was recovered) SACNET (Southern Alameda County Narcotics Enforcement Team) team member Brian Shadle left a side gate open at our house, letting one of three dogs loose. Then as Brian was pulling away , he hit and ran over my 100lb lab. What gets me is that he seemed to feel horrible, and even said he would pay for the bills totaling over $1000.00.  But when I called the number on the card he left (around 100 times), not a single message was returned!!! Nada, Nothing Zilch!! These are the people protecting our streets!!  Don't we all feel safe.....by the way you can use my name, I didn't do anything wrong.  Come on Mr. Shadle, return the calls and pay for the mistake!!!!  This is a "no brainer" and easily resolved.  A tragic accident!

(CASE #071602)

If you live in inglewood, california, you might be safer from the criminals than the police.  Police brutality at its best as demonstrated by the actions of Inglewood police officer Jeremy Morse who picked up a 16 year old, handcuffed boy, who the police had lying face down on the street,  and slammed him onto the trunk of the police car then  proceeded to punch him in the face.  Unfortunately for Mr. Morse, a passerby was filming the incident.  A sad commentary on the state of our police forces!!

IF YOU ARE WRONGLY CONVICTED AND SUBSEQUENTLY RELEASED AFTER A NUMBER OF YEARS BECAUSE YOU HAVE WERE INNOCENT, you will have a difficult time getting compensation from the state.  Over 200 wrongly convicted people have found themselves in this situation since 1973.  Lives ruined, bankrupt and no compensation from the public officials that made the mistake.  Legislation to change this is a must!  Overzealous District Attorney's and Police officials should be held accountable.

dover township, new jersey police officer edward lutes, 42 goes on a rampage and shoots and kills 5 innocent people, then shoots himself.  

newark, new jersey police officer, john mabie goes on a rampage killing 4 innoncent people.  He will be tried on capital murder charges.  

a 20 year old man out with his girlfriend is shot by a an FBI agent in Pasadena, California.  He was innocent and just driving with his girlfriend when the FBI pulled him over.  The FBI was looking for a bank robber.  These agents ride on airplanes with loaded weapons!!!

boston police shot a 19 year old man, Rene Romain, July 15th, 2001 and reported that they shot him in the stomach after he backed them up to a fence wielding a 12 inch knife.  The report stated that it was not until he raised it above his head that the officer discharged one round into his abdomen.  Not so fast!  The family investigated the matter and discovered the young man had been shot in the back.  Suffolk County Police refused comment.  An investigation is under way.    

illinois last year suspended capital punishment after courts found that 13 people had been wrongly convicted and sentenced to death. A commission has been appointed to review laws and make recommendations.

sad note concerning american justice:  Over 100 people have been freed from prison after DNA evidence proved they were innocent.  Some had served terms of 18 years and more.  Attorney Barry Scheck has 2000 letters requesting DNA testing.  

Jogger "Nancy Rudner Lugo, departed the sidewalk in Maitland, Florida, due to the sidewalk being so uneven it was dangerous, and was ticketed by a state trooper under an obscure law that  states "where sidewalks are provided, no pedestrian shall walk in the roadway unless required to by other circumstances."  Of course the other circumstance was the sidewalk being unusable for running.  Finally after two appeals a judge dismissed the charges and revoked the ticket.

POLICE CHEMIST IN OKLAHOMA CITY FIRED FOR SHODDY WORK - Joyce Gilchrist has been fired for shoddy work and giving false and misleading testimony in criminal cases.  Eleven people have been put to death based upon evidence she provided via her lab.  However, their is no evidence any of those people were innocent.  Hundreds of her cases are being re-examined and one death sentence has been overturned because of problems with her testimony about DNA evidence.

los angeles county, CALIFORNIA - In one of the largest suits of its kind, Los Angeles County will pay $27 million to "scores of people held in jail past their release dates or subjected to unlawful strip searches. (USA TODAY 16 AUG 01)

New York Policeman  kills two while driving drunk.  Then, he is set free pending an investigation.  Ten others relieved of duty for trying to cover it up.  What's wrong with this picture?    

A panel examining the Detroit Police Department finds it lacking in many areas.  Recommends better training, better pay and increased training centered on "when to use deadly force.  (USA Today 31may01)

Abner Louima reaches settlement with New York City and the Police Union for 8 million.  Mr. Louima was sodomized in the bathroom at the 70th precinct.  Two police officers took Mr. Louima into the bathroom and shoved a broomstick up his rectum.  The brutality caused riots in the Haitian community and deep seated anger against police.  Two officers were sentenced to jail and 4 others dismissed for trying to cover up the act. 

Numerous lawsuits have been filed against police in New York City for illegally strip searching women during routine traffic stops!!!

Over 100 persons released from jail in Los Angeles when a vice cop turned state evidence in a massive "frame" operation being conducted by the anti-gang unit in the Rampart section of the city.  Police were framing people for crimes they did not commit.  City has paid millions to settle lawsuits.  (USA TODAY 24 July 01)

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Shreveport, La:  Man shot 8 times by police after a chase.  The man got out of the car and pointed a cell phone at police.  DEAD!  Where is the professionalism in this town?

Philadelphia, pa:  An off duty police officer attending a career day at her son's school fired a round from her semi-automatic weapon grazing a 10 year old boy's head.

miami, fl:  Sept 7th 11 current and former Miami police officers were arrested or were surrendering on charges that they committed crimes to cover up questionable shootings.  One shooting involved a 73 year old innocent man killed in a hail of 123 bullets during a 1996 drug raid.

Louisville, ky:  7 shots - One unarmed man shot dead in a park.

Los Angeles, ca:  Numerous shots through a car window.  One unarmed female dead.

Shreveport, LA:  4 shots - one unarmed man shot in the back, and killed, while stealing a steak from a grocery store.  He had applied for food stamps and was told their would be a two week wait.  He was hungry and died as a result!! 

Cincinnati, Oh:  One unarmed black man shot dead for running from police over parking tickets.  Result - Extended rioting in Cincinnati. 15 black men and a 12 year old boy have died in confrontations with police since 1995.  A new trial for a policeman accused of choking a man to death began on October 23, 2001. Both men have been exonerated of all charges both in the shooting death and the choking incident.  

NEW YORK, ny:  41 SHOTS - One unarmed man standing in a doorway, shot dead.  He was reaching for his wallet.

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