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President Bush's Health Plan, if passed, will help low income families buy health insurance, aid seniors with the cost of prescription drugs, assist laid off workers with health premiums (pay 60% of premiums), expand coverage for children, expand the tax exemption for persons who provide long-term care to parents or children, and make long-term care insurance premiums fully deductible.  Watch closely changes are certain!!!

airline industry assistance in the wake of world trade center bombing:  This bill is a necessity to keep our airline industry alive.  Should pass in some form by the end of September.  passed!!!!

BILL TO INCREASE RETIREMENT AGE FOR PILOTS TO 63:  A good bill which will allow retiring Airline Pilots to collect Social Security upon retirement.  Senate Bill 361 is awaiting a vote in the Senate.  House Bill 468 is not out of committee.  Support this bill!!! Still Pending in 2002!!! Defeated and shelved!!!

patients bill of rights:  About time!!!  Should pass in some form.  Numerous cases of insurance companies and HMO's putting the screws to patients.  Resolution:  it passed!!!! august 2, 2001. 

WATCH THE NEW BANKRUPTCY LAW  that is about to be signed into law.  For the less fortunate , it will not allow them to wipe out debt, but will require repayment.  So much for those with high medical bills and other problems not of their making.  This law was initially vetoed, and rightfully so, by President Clinton and has been vigorously opposed by all consumer groups.  However, big banking interests, such as MBNA, FLEET, etc., successfully lobbied to get it passed.  Had it been coupled with "credit card reform," it might have been acceptable.  Ruthless credit card companies keep "screwing the public," and the public keeps them afloat with outrageous interest payments.  Time for Reform!  Write your congressman and demand "Credit Card Reform."

BILL TO EXPAND ACCESS TO DNA TESTS:   This is a good bill supported by Patrick Leahy D-VT.  It would ensure those convicted of capital murder and sentenced to die be given the opportunity to prove their innocence using DNA testing prior to execution.  Unfortunately, this bill is opposed by Senator Orin Hatch R-Utah for reasons incomprehensible.  Maybe he should sit on death row as an innocent person and await execution for something he did not do!!

CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM:  A tough struggle for Senator McCain and company.  Maybe we'll see it, maybe we won't.


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Last modified: March 22, 2011, 0645 CST