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medical notes


Research points to anti-inflammatory over the counter drugs  helping prevent some forms of cancer including breast and colon cancer.  Drugs such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen (the painkiller Acetaminophen is not included) have been shown to be effective in reducing the risk colon cancer and polyps.  Still, more research is needed.  An aspirin a day may prevent more than just heart attacks.

New Research might help thyroid cancer - The most aggressive form of Thyroid Cancer, Anaplastic Carcinoma is rare but may be helped by new research using an experimental drug called BAY 43-9006 that may turn off the switch that causes cells to mutate.  For information on trials being conducted to to www.cancer.gov/trials.

are you taking statins?  These are the drugs that people take who have high cholesterol.  They interfere with the bodies ability to make cholesterol and other blood fats that can clog arteries.  A new study conducted by the University of Southern Denmark found that "Statins" are causing unsuspected side effects primarily liver damage and polyneuropathy, a technical term that refers to inflammation and nerve tissue damage.  The symptoms are typical of nerve damage, tingling, weakness, and pain.    So, if you are taking them, make sure you see your doctor, if these symptoms appear.

worried about west nile virus?  More information on www.cdc.gov or by phone, toll free:  English, 888-246-2675; Spanish 888-246-2857;  For the hearing impaired 866-874-2646.  

Having trouble with itchy eyes do to allergies?  Ask your doctor about Alocril Eye Drops.  In one study they provided 95% itch relief.

Researchers have successfully stalled Multiple Sclerosis by using stem cells.  Results were reported at a neurology conference in Denver by  the University of Washington Medical  Center researchers.  

Researchers reporT that an experimental new drug called a CETP inhibitor was effective in raising "Good Cholesterol (HDL)" by more than a third.  Additionally, the 200 people who took the drug lowered their "Bad Cholesterol (LDL)" by 7%.  Lowering "Bad Cholesterol" reduces risk of heart attack.

Taking a baby aspirin a day reduces the risk of colon cancer by preventing growth of ominous polyps according to a study revealed at meeting of The American Association for Cancer Research.

reduce your risk of prostate cancer by taking common painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen.  Research at the Mayo Clinic found that men over 60 who took one of the drugs belonging to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) had a 50% less chance of developing the disease.  Researchers also note that more research is needed to confirm these findings.   

new drug for preventing osteoporosis called Zoledronic Acid is being tested by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.  This drug is given intravenously once a year to prevent calcium from leaching from the bones.  The drug is already being used for treatment of cancer patients.  The results of the initial study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  

encouraging progress on aids vaccine comes from Merck Research Laboratories in West Point, Pa.  A new vaccine, still in testing, has been developed which keeps those already infected with the virus from becoming ill.  The new vaccine which is a DNA-advenovirus combination was injected in monkeys and prevented them from getting sick.  It did not prevent them from becoming infected with the virus.  Injections in humans began in December 2001, but the results are not yet available.

women, are you losing your sex drive?  A solution is on the way in the form of a "patch" developed by Proctor and Gamble for post menopausal women.  Large-scale testing begins in February 2002.  This is the last stage before seeking government approval.  The patch is called "Intrinsa."

got a headache?  Research conducted at the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago found that drinking a cup of coffee with your dose of Ibuprofin will speed up relief.  The caffeine made 71% of the participants in the study feel better and made the pain stay away for four hours more than the Ibuprofin alone.

new voice activated hearing aid, which detects speech and filters out noise, has been approved by the FDA.  It  is called the "Adapto Hearing Aid" and is made by Oticon Inc. of Somerset, New Jersey (732) 560-1220.  This is a step up from current hearing aids which amplify sound without filtering noise.  The cost is $3000.00 including testing and follow-ups.

 women on hormone replacement therapy (hrt):  New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association points to evidence not supporting the previously held consensus that HRT helps prevent stroke and heart disease in post-menopausal women.  As a matter of fact, HRT may make women feel worse.  If you are feeling low, and you are on HRT, check with your doctor.  

Beat Stress by:  Going easy on caffeine; drinking six to eight glasses of water per day; eat small meals several times a day; eat magnesium rich foods such as nuts, beans, vegetables,  and seeds; eat fish and walnuts to get omega-3 fatty acids; take multivitamins for anti-oxidants and B vitamins. 

another plus for taking aspirin! Research conducted by Janet Wilterdink, a Neurologist at Brown Medical School has reinforced the link between taking aspirin and lessening the chances for having a stroke.  The research showed that even those persons who suffered strokes while taking aspirin, had milder strokes than those who did not take aspirin.

pain getting you down?  Try Yoga.  A study at UCLA Medical center reported men and women who attended 90 minute Yoga sessions for 4 weeks reported less pain.

women:  Discuss with your doctors the benefits received from taking Folic Acid, to prevent severe birth defects, prior to getting pregnant.  Folic acid can be found in most multivitamins.  Folic Acid is a B vitamin that decreases the risk of neural tube defects, which affect a baby's brain or spine. 

protection from alzheimer's may be found by taking over the counter pain relievers like Advil and Motrin.  They seem to stop the production of the protein amloid-beta 42 which is present in the brain of Alzheimer victims.  The study showed that people who routinely take anti-inflammatory drugs for aches and pains, run a lower risk of developing the disease.  However, beware of taking excessive amounts of anti-inflammatory drugs due to the increased risk of stomach and kidney trouble.

breast cancer risk increases with night jobs according to two studies conducted by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.  Being under bright light in the dark hours decreases melatonin secretion and increases estrogen level which are a factor associated with a higher breast cancer risk.  One finding showed a 60% increase in risk.  Women working at night should have regular mammograms and checkups.

available this fall are (2001) contact lenses made to wear for 30 uninterrupted days.  They are called "Focus Night and Day" contact lenses.  The are made by Ciba Vision of Duluth, Georgia.  

new drug for crohn's disease:  The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new drug for mild to moderate active Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel ailment.  The name of the drug is Entocort EC, a steroid taken by mouth.  Check with your doctor.


HELP FOR THE BLIND:  Three people have had a micro-chips implanted behind the eye to relay translate light into signals the brain can process which, hopefully, will enable the patients to see again.  Results will be available in about 3 months.  

For more information click on:   www.optobionics.com 

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Last modified: March 22, 2011, 0645 CST