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JUSTICE DEPARTMENT:  The Justice Department will offer $500,000.00 in federal grants for DNA testing for inmates on death row.  This will allow inmates to be DNA tested to prove or disprove  their innocence. A good program. 



state of illinois:  We salute Illinois Governor George Ryan for his stand on "no mistake Death penalty."  Governor Ryan's stand on making the death penalty in Illinois 100% error free is exactly what is needed.  If we are going to execute people for crimes, we must be 100% certain that person is guilty.  Not one shred of doubt must exist.  38 states have the death penalty, 24 of those states have released inmates that were on death row but later found not guilty because of DNA or other evidence.  Since 1973, 99 people have been release after being found not guilty.  We will never know how many innocent people have been executed. A commission the governor appointed has made 85 recommendations for reform of the "death penalty."

STATE OF CALIFORNIA:  Court holds that gun manufacturers cannot be sued on the grounds of negligence when criminals misuse firearms.  Good decision!!  Any other ruling could lead to suits against automobile manufacturers and others if product us involved in death and injury. 

STATE OF TEXAS:  Beginning on August 4th the State Sales Tax is suspended for 3 days to allow parents to purchase school clothes and supplies without paying the tax.  AMAZING!!  GOVERNMENT WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE.  

state of new york attorney generals office, Internet Fraud Division, Melanie Schoen, Complainit Mediator, for good work in resolving the "Warehouse Sports Sales (Internet Company) complaint.  

ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE, STATE OF KENTUCKY, CONSUMER AFFAIRS DIVISION:  For good work in resolving the "Fleet Bank" credit card interest rate increase complaint.

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Last modified: March 22, 2011, 0645 CST