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UNITED STATES SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ELECTED OFFICIALS - For representing the Republican and Democratic Parties first and their constituents second.  Additionally, for constant fighting, demeaning others and causing congressional gridlock.

STATE OF TEXAS ELECTRIC RATES -   Do you live in TEXAS, and are you paying 13 cents to 15 cents per Kilowatt Hour for electricity??  If so, you are paying the highest rate in the nation!!!  You are being ripped off by the electric companies.  What is the Texas Legislature doing to protect the public???.  Check the rates in other states.  Those rates start at 8 cents per kilowatt hour.  Send us your thoughts.

state of texas - For putting the "Electric Chair" used in executing 360 human beings on display in the Prison Museum.  

Your city is probably dumping raw sewage into streams and rivers in spite of federal law forbidding it.  The Environmental Protection Agency estimates their are at least 40,000 sanitary sewer overflows a year which does not include sewers backing up into basements.  Additionally, 672 of the 2445 beaches in the USA issued advisories or closed at least once due to bad water quality.  The problem is lack of capacity and old sewer systems.  10 billion per year is needed to fix the problem nationwide.  Cincinnati, Ohio is a prime example of a city dumping raw sewage into streams and the Ohio River.  Parents, watch your kids playing in streams and ponds near large cities and sewage systems.

the state of oregon health plan for denying a 19 year old girl a transplant that would have saved her life.  The community raised the money but it was to late and she died.  

CITY OF TAMPA, FLORIDA:  When your walking around the city, you are under surveillance by the police.  TV cameras are mounted at various locations.  They use "face matching" technology to catch fugitives.  Does this violate your rights against illegal search and seizure?  The American Civil Liberties Union thinks so!!

CITY OF SHREVEPORT, LA:   For expropriating property of a private citizen and turning it over to a private company to make a profit.  This case has gone to court.  The city was forced pay more for the property than they had originally offered.  The case is now on appeal for expropriating property for private use.  This will be a precedent setting decision.  resolution:  the city won the first round.  the case will go to the state supreme court.  Politics won out!!  the louisiana supreme court refused to hear the case.


STATE OF KENTUCKY:  Outrageous taxes!!!  126 hidden taxes burden Kentucky's citizens

State of new Jersey:  The highest auto insurance rates in the nation.  Think twice before moving.  Also, the highest auto theft rate in Newark.  

CITY OF ST. LOUIS/ST. LOUIS Airport:  Worst concession employee service in the country.  Concessions are unsanitary.  Rude and slow employees with attitude problems.

University of Louisville:  Parking police can't see through windows and see parking permits.  They arbitrarily issue tickets which require students to prove they have a permit.  Get some glasses!!!!! 


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Last modified: March 22, 2011, 0645 CST