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OJ SIMPSON FOR HIS continuing lack of good judgment, and his failure to realize that he had been given another chance in life when he was found "not guilty" in the murder of his ex-wife and friend.  He continues to get into trouble with no regard for the impact it has on his family.  Sad situation for a once gifted athlete.

pharmacists around the country who refuse to fill prescriptions for Birth Control pills and other drugs due to religious and moral beliefs.  Some have taken prescriptions and refused to give them back to the customer.  Investigations have been instituted in some states.  Hmmm, maybe the solution is to stop doing business with that Pharmacy!!

f-16 pilot from the 113th fighter wing in the District of Columbia for strafing Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School in New Jersey.  

janet jackson and justin timberlake for not using good judgement during their performance at the Super Bowl and then trying to tell us it was an accident.

 Mr. Jack Whittaker of Scott Depot, West Virginia, the winner of the largest undivided lottery in U.S. history,  for carrying large sums of cash on two occasions and putting himself in a position to be robbed.  The first time he had $500,000.00 in cash and was drugged by a strip club manager and stripper, then robbed.  The cash was recovered.  The second time he left $100,000.00 in cash in his car and a thief broke the window and stole the money.   

Mr. John Gott, 41 is standing trial in akron, ohio for artificially inseminating his wife Narda's 16 year old daughter (John's step-daughter), using a syringe.  Narda Gott has already been convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison for assisting.  Mr. Gott is charged with rape and sexual abuse.  The kicker - In 1996 the couple had persuaded lawmakers to change the state's rape laws by broadening the law to include penetration with any object after a man accused of molesting the daughter was acquitted.  Previously the law only considered sexual intercourse as rape.  Well Mr. and Mrs. Gott, thank you for having the foresight to help pass a law that would ensure you were  locked up for deviate behavior?  

a teacher at pitcher elementary school has been suspended for strip searching 8 and 9 year old students trying to find $5.00 in missing lunch money.  26 students were searched.  The teacher has been suspended!!  

chante mallard, 25 of ft worth texas, a nurse's aide hit a homeless man with her car and drove home with him stuck headfirst in her broken windshield.  She parked the car in her garage and left him their to die.  He asked for help and she came back to the garage periodically to appologize to him.  However, she did not help him.  His body was found in a park on October 27th.  Police were contacted recently after she talked about the incident at a party.  We're speechless!!!!

christine Fiorini decided to take a Mexican Vacation while in the middle of jury deliberations.  The trial had to be delayed for a week while they tracked her down.  Earth to Christine, come in, are you there? 

Pat robertson and Jerry falwell who said liberal civil liberties groups, feminists, homosexuals, and abortion rights supporters bear partial responsibility for the attack on the World Trade Center because their actions have turned God's anger against America.  Amazing!!!!

The Canadian serial kisser, a 56 year old man who would complement unsuspecting women and young boys, offer a handshake and then pull them in and hug and kiss them.  He has been arrested and faces  numerous sexual assault charges.  Oh well!!!

audrey weed, 50, a former police officer, of cooper city, fla who was arrested for 92 counts of misdemeanor animal abandonment.  Authorities found 67 dead cats and dozens of other neglected felines in her home.  The dead cats were in her freezer and refrigerator.  Hmmmmmm!!!!!  What's the deal Audrey?

michael Lassiter who breached security at the Atlanta Airport to find his camera and caused a shutdown for 3 hours until they identified him.  He stood in the crowd for an extended period of time without identifying himself.  Someone recognized him and he was arrested.

u.s. congressional representative barbara lee of alemeda county, california who was the only member of congress to vote against the use of military force against terrorists.  County Republican chairman Jim Hartman criticizing Lee for "supreme poor judgment and gross egotism." 

Georgia state representative dorothy pelote stood at the Georgia House podium and said "I want you to know that I can prophesy.  I can communicate with the dead.  The last person who visited me was - I don't know if I need to call her name.  Maybe I should not, because it's a controversial death now.  She's missing.  You know who I'm talking about.  She has visited me. She has."  She confirmed later to the Macon Telegram that she was talking about Chandra Levy!!  What did she say Dorothy???

LINDA TRIPP:   Back in the news!!!  America's favorite "Tattletale"  thinks she should have a position in the Bush administration.  wow!    

THE DIRECTORS at the "Louisville Slugger Museum" for putting up a new billboard proclaiming the "We Have More Old Bats Than A Needlepoint Convention.  Needless to say the "Embroiderers Guild of America," with its headquarters in  Louisville, was not amused. 

PETER VETIQUE A VISITOR AT THE BRONX ZOO who leaped into the gorilla exhibit saying he wanted to be "at one with the monkeys."  OKAY PETER!!!

ST. LOUIS ALDERMAN Irene Smith for urinating in a trash can, during a "City Hall Floor Debate" rather than going to the ladies room!!  WHAT?  

UNITED STATES Congressman Gary Condit for allowing himself to get involved in a mess that embarrasses his family and casts doubt upon his judgment.  His family and constituents will have the final say on this one, assuming, as we should, that he has told the truth about his affair with Chandra Levy.  Bye, Bye Gary!


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Last modified: March 22, 2011, 0645 CST