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Name: Bonnie;  EMAIL: osterundich@hotmail.com;  SUBJECT: Walmart Oil Change;  

PAY ATTENTION, WALMART -  Walmart Oil Change didn't put my oil cover back. I didn't check but later as I drove, my car began to  smoke. I was scared and thankfully someone on the road helped me to take a look of what was going on and found it out. The guy helped me to go to a nearby manuel car wash station and wash out the oil to prevent it burn and smoke again. Hopefully next time after the oil change, you will check your cover to make sure that they remember to put it back.

(Case #12132006B)

WHAT IS THIS RETAILERS RETURN POLICY? - (Meagan writes) - Journey's Shoe store says that they take back products unless they have been "worn". Apparently they will try to find a reason not to take back the shoes even though they have never been on your feet!!! Or barley even had them out of the box for that matter. And the customer Service number is a joke and is pointless.

(Case #12132006B)

WHAT GOES STARBUCKS??? - MJ from New Jersey - I purchased a 12 cup coffee maker from Starbucks less than a year ago ($150.00). It has a two year warranty and Starbucks refuses to honor that warranty because they decided to discontinue the product. Their 8 cup coffee maker was recalled. They refuse to help me. They told me that the only thing they are willing to do is give me a store credit of $60.00. Why would I want a store credit? So I could give them my money back? Money is more important than customer satisfaction. Did they forget how they are able to make their millions? I spend a lot of money at Starbucks, not any more!


FELLOW CONSUMERS BEWARE - (Richard Congdon, Mililani, Hawii) - 1-800-SUNBEAM.COM offers parts for Sunbeam and Oster home appliances.  I placed an order for a replacement blade for my Oster blender.  The blade was priced at $10.95.  I completed the "Check out" process supplying my shipping address and credit card info.  I expected to see a detailed invoice for my on-line purchase, but no, up popped a "Thank you for your order" screen that said I would be sent email confirmation of my order.  When the confirmation arrived I was completely shocked to see that 1-800-SUNBEAM.COM is charging me $48 to ship a 3 oz. product that only costs $10.95.  Fellow consumer's BEWARE of 1-800-SUNBEAM.COM.  I'm trying to get my order cancelled and will most the outcome to this site soon.


Make Sure You Understand What is Included In Warranty's - (Mary L. Brennan, Chicago, Illinois) - On Nov. 20, 2003, I purchased refurbished 45" TV with a 50/50, 90-day warranty from Totan's TV, Inc. 2001 Leness Lane, Crest Hill, IL 60435, (www.totanstv.com) for (815)729-1050 $531.44. Within the warranty timeframe, the TV ceased to work - (cannot be turned on). I called and scheduled an appt. with a woman at Totan TV, for a repairman to come to my house. When I bought it, I was told they wouldn't deliver to my address because of the distance, so I went to great lengths to have it picked up, not owning a truck myself. Never was I told that if something happened to it, I would have to bring it back to them for repair. Had this been pointed out, I wouldn’t have bought it. At the bottom of the receipt, is a single hand-written word. No mention was made of it, nor was it pointed out to mean anything at all a the time of purchase. I honestly thought it was the name Carolyn, and assumed it to be the name of the woman who sold it to me. They did not tell me at the time of purchase, before or when I scheduled the appt., either that the word written at the bottom of the receipt, was supposed to be the word, “carryin” (which isn’t a word), nor that it meant they will not send a repair person to my address, which is what they are saying now. They now claim they will only fix it if I bring the TV back to them. This is impossible for me to do, as they are already aware. So, three days after scheduling an appt., with someone at their company, and with 7 days left on the warranty, they called me to say that they have decided to cancel the appt. for their repairman, nor will they honor the warranty if I have another repairman look at it. I was told that the warranty is almost finished anyway, so they refuse to send anyone to look at it. I now have a $500 TV, which worked for a month and a half. I believe they initially scheduled the appt. as they would normally have done, but have since decided that, because the warranty is almost expired, and knowing I can’t bring it back to them for repair, they will not honor their contract


PHILLIPS TELEVISION PROBLEM - (Leroy Spellman, Starks, Louisiana)  I, have a complaint against Philips TV Model 27PT81S125, along with numerous other people who are having the same problem, TV cutting off & on anytime. these problems are happening right after warranty expires. Philips is just blowing us off. you can go to Planet Feedback & see for yourself..  Thank You


Hey Wal-Mart, what's going on here? - (J. B. Wallace, Lott, Texas) This is about Bad Wal-Mart oil change which cost us a car.  To make it short (Because you would never believe the run around we got from WAL-MART & Their Ins.) who in essence just said I was a liar, and  I have no proof that WalMart was at fault), and the only thing I could do is have my car towed to a Mazda or such and have them tear it down to see if they could tell what went wrong,  and all of this would be at my cost. The INSURANCE MAN (FRANK) is well aware that we are seniors living on social security and do not have that kind of funds. So,  WalMart wins again even though they know, and I know it is something they did do. This has happened to us serveral others have reported to me they they had the same problems. We will survive but I sure hope something is done to stop this kind of treatment to others - all because we have no way of fighting a big corporation like GOOD OLD FRIENDLY WAL-MART.


Whirlpool parts incompatibility -  Many Whirlpool appliance authorized replacement parts do not fit their appliances. After many phone calls they admit this on the phone but refuse to confirm this fact in writing. I was sold a switch for my Whirlpool electric range that a Whirlpool Authorized service shop admits will not fit properly and safely. I can understand that they cannot support product lines indefinitely, but they should admit this BEFORE they sell a switch which is not returnable, not afterward. January 23, 2003.


HYDROSPA STRIKES AGAIN (SEE BELOW) - (Anna Guidice, Ozone Park, New York)  HydroSpa-I bought and received a spa on 11/26/2002 and the Heater does not work. I've been calling HydroSpa and Discount Spas Direct where it was purchased from and they cannot find a service technician in my area (Queens, NY) to replace the heater. I have the new heater that HydroSpa sent me.


Watch those door to door magazine seller -   Like a previous complaint that I read on this website, I was deceived by "First Class Sales, Inc.," a magazine subscription company. I was given a sob story by a representative at my door, and unfortunately lost almost $90.00. I kept calling over and over only to be told to be patient, because my magazines would arrive soon, but they never did. It's been almost a year, and they are now out of business! Contact info (but now out of service) First Class Sales Customer Service: 1-866-544-2997email: fes152001@hotmail.com


Hello leather land usa - (Lynne A Leimberg- (Lynne A Leimberg  And I haven't even touched on the multiply phone number I got every time I called. They would give me all kinds of excuses and now I see it was just a run around. And even when I tried to talk to my sales man (Nelson) he was going to straighten it all out!!!! RIGHT he did nothing and never returned my calls nor call when he said he would get back to me. Mike Carlson is the owner (not that I talked with him) I will never buy in High Point again! Nor will anyone else if I have anything to do with it. I am a realtor in NJ and every customer of mine will know, and I sell new homes so they will be needing furniture.


Daewoo takes a serious hit!!  (April Green, Rex, Georgia)  Daewoo, what a joke. We bought a TV through Best Buys and the piece of junk broke down after a month. I had Best Buys work on it 3 times and even they couldn't fix it. My husband called a TV repair center, we found out all they make are throw away TV's. We called Daewoo several times all you get are sleazy dumb representatives who can't walk and chew gum at the same time. Of course I got blown off for the 2nd time. They are a joke. Hope to see them closed for good. Saw a sign in a restaurant in Charleston, S.C. with same complaint. Don't buy their cheap products are they're going to screw around for repairs. Worst TV I have ever bought. Should call it Daepooooooo!


pacific frontier needs to move on this!!  (Shane Rosenberg, Springville, Utah) Roger Mantz, president of Pacific Frontier, Inc., is unable to meet the requests of his customers. He has taken my requests for a refund, which have been properly filed with his company, and he and his employees have continued to ignore my requests. I have waited for 1 month over the deadline that they were to have refunded my 1200.00. Avoid business with Pacific Frontier, Inc. of Utah, as well as Roger's Vaccum Cleaners of Livermore, CA.


watch this product from betty crocker! -   Sunday, Oct. 6th, 2002, I purchased a Betty Crocker Halloween cookie kit at K-Stone Discount Food Store in Dothan, Alabama.   On monday I told my friend about what a deal it was and she bought 3 of them. This cookie kit came with 2 packets of cookie mix, vanilla icing, orange sprinkles, black decorating gel and a cookie cutter. We both thought we had found a bargain. when she got home, she decided to cook a package of the cookie mix for a surprise for her son. When he came home from school. she had added all of the ingredients it had called for, then she noticed these green and black "things in it" and she looked closer and singled them out and retrieved them from the batter, when she realized they were green and black worms.  She called her mother over to look at them to make sure that is what she was seeing, and her mother agreed that they were in fact, dead worms in her daughter's batter. My friend called me to warn me. I pulled this kit out of my pantry, and opened up the cookie mix and sure enough, there was a green worm as soon as Iopened the package. I poured the contents in a bowl and saw many, many more. then I opened the 2nd package of cookie mix, and found a dead moth in it.  I called Betty Crocker's RED SPOON PROMISE 800# to report what my friend and I had found. The operator wanted me to read the upc # and the expiration date on the box and the packages. My box did not have one on it but my friend's had one of 2001. The cookie mixes that I opened had one of 31may02.  This representative said that the worms must have chewed through the packages (made of hard plastics) when they were stored in a warehouse perhaps by something else that must have had worms in it, But when I filled the packages up with water after I emptied them, there were no leaks. when I called K-Stones Discount Foods, they said it had to been packaged that way from Betty Crocker!  He said he had just gotten that shipment in and that he would pull them from his shelves and give me a refund. I wanted the public to know about Betty Crocker and K-Stone Discount Food Store in Southern Alabama so no one else will buy this product and possibly cause illness to innocent children or other people.


wow, why is comp usa treating a customer like this?  (Christina Wilson, Santa Monica, California)  I purchased a high end Sony Vio from Comp USA (Culver City, CA) and paid for a full protection warranty. It has been over three weeks, and despite promises and mistakes being made on Comp USA's end, my laptop has not even been sent for repair. This is my livelihood, I am a single parent and do quite well moonlighting at $100-120 per hour. At this point I have lost 3.5 weeks worth of wages. Finally a manager said they would loan  a computer to me until the repairs were made, I drove the distance to the shop last night, only to be told that no, they refused to live up to their promise, and furthermore my laptop has still not been sent for repairs. HELP!~!! I thought CompUSA had a good reputation for service??


jennifer leathers warranty program might not be a good choice - (Mr. and Mrs. Kimber Royal Palm Beach, Florida)  Please be careful before buying products at Jennifer Leathers. I only had my couch 1 year and noticed it was turning different colors in some areas. I bought the warranty for 200 dollars so i figured they would come out and look at it. The supervisor at the warranty center said he wasn't going to send anyone out, and I even offered to pay for it. He was very rude and I keep calling and they never call back. If they don't resolve this I will get a lawyer or get news channel five to help me. I hope they realize I'm not disapearing into thin air. They haven't heard the last of me......


Kirby Vacuum Cleaner distributor Pacific Frontier of Utah:   (Shannon Rosenberg, Springville, Utah)  Kirby refuses to return my money, although their product did not remain in my home for 24 hours. They continue to avoid phone contact with me, stating that the individual capable of handling my call is unavailableKirby Rep Roger Mantz of Livermore, California has e-mailed us stating this problem has been resolved.  Thank you Mr. Mantz. 


"sophisticated seconds," Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  strikes out with poor customer service and unethical conduct!  (Yvette Palmer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)  I purchased a coat from a consignment store. The owner did not put it in my bag. When I went back to get it. She said sure you can get but it will be $10. more. She also sold an item she said she would put on hold for my bother. The owner is unethical and greedy.


circuit city - is this bad luck or has circuit city lost it's touch with reality?   (Randy Bower, Trout Run, Pennsylvania) I purchased a Compaq Presario 1200 on December 4, 2000 and I also purchased an extended warranty for this product. The first day that I had the computer I inserted a 3 1/2 floppy disk and when I removed it the metal clip got stuck in the computer. I returned the computer the next day and you exchanged it. The second computer that I had, I had many problems with it. The first was the power supply. I brought the computer down and it was sent out for repair. The second thing that went wrong with it was my hard drive crashed. Once again I brought the computer down to your store and it was sent out for repair. In the extended warranty agreement it stated that I was to be provided a loaner laptop to use until my computer was repaired. Every time that I came down there to bring the computer down for repairs, I had to argue to actually get a loaner computer. The third thing that happened to my computer was actually the power supply again. This time the computer shocked me and would not even turn on anymore. I, once again, brought the computer back down and informed the employee who waited on me what had happened. I advised them of not to turn the computer on because you would be shocked, as what happened to me. I stood there for 45 minutes before anyone even waited on me. The person who waited on me in management was named Joe, I don't recall his last name. He was very rude and very impatient with me. I explained to him what had happened and he just told me to go on the floor and pick out a new computer, which is what I did. I actually upgraded to a newer model of the computer and paid the difference in purchase price, and I also purchased an extended warranty for this computer. Now this is the third computer that I have. This computer I have had nothing but problems with since the time that I brought it home. The hard drive has crashed, the fan has broken, just numerous things have happened to this computer. I called Circuit City and talked with Joe and he said there was nothing that he could do about it except send it out for repair. The computer had already been sent out for repair several times before this. I told him that I wanted a new computer beings I have had so many problems with this one and he said he couldn't authorize an exchange. I asked him why he authorized the first exchange and he stated, "I did that out of the kindness of my heart." Finally I just decided to go and buy a new computer, costing me an additional $1800.00 for a new computer. My laptop can not be used at all. The modem does not work, the sound card does not work, the computer shuts off spontaneously, the one screw in the back for the printer cable is bigger than the other. The computer was sent to Computer Support Plus in February of this year and the fan was fixed. I had none of these problems until the fan was repaired. When I got the computer back from repair the graphics were also screwed up and I had a friend help me update my driver. I called Computer Support Plus to get a box to send my computer back in to get the remainder of the problems repaired and they refuse to send me a box because I won't sit on the phone and do technical support with them for countless hours. The first time that I did call them I went through the technical support for the modem. The gentleman that I spoke with said that I needed to contact Compaq and have them send me the Recovery Disks before anything more could be done. I stated to him that I "would not" spend any more money on this computer. I actually already had the recovery disks packed away which I discovered a few hours later and put in the CD ROM drive to a factory restore on the computer. I pushed OK for the computer to restore and it completely crashed my system. I called Computer Support Plus back and told them what had happened and that I needed that box to be sent to me so I could send the computer out for repair and they still told me they couldn't because they didn't have documentation of a hardware problem. When my computer says "No Operating System" and won't let me do anything, and I did what I was told to do anyway with the Recovery disks, that constitutes as a hardware failure to me.  Needless to say I am so unhappy with the service of this company and its employees (especially management) it is unreal. I have sent out complaints to the BBB, the Bureau of Consumer Protection, the State Attorney General, News watch 16, and the Williamsport Sun Gazette. The public will here about this unjust attitude. I am waiting to hear back from these agencies as I speak. I am writing this letter to inform you of the actions I have already taken. I have retained an attorney in this matter and he stated that he is willing to represent me if this matter goes to court. My only other option in this matter is to file suit with the District Magistrate.


wamsutta - Sheet mix up?  (Leslie Goss, Lumberton, Texas)  I recently bought a 400 count sateen sheet set made by Wamsutta (F. Schumacher & Co.) and was very pleased with them. Three weeks later I bought another set exactly the same as the first. The second set is not sateen and aren't nearly as soft as the first. I am so aggravated. Two weeks ago I e-mailed Wamsutta with my complaint. They haven't bothered to respond back. I will tell everyone I know about this and steer people from buying their products. 


decosol - a company not standing behind their product and service -  (Linda Weiner, Coral Springs, Florida)  Decosol, Inc, (305)994-7656, a window treatment company from the Broward Home show delivered window treatments with defective workmanship and fabric. They were installed wrinkled and they shrunk when they were dry cleaned. Roman shades pull up unevenly and were not made as advertised. Company refuses to take them back or refund $1100 deposit. Manager will not even come out to see how poorly they are made.


provida life sciences strikes again (see complaint below this one) - I ordered the Provida Life Sciences six week Body makeover 7/13/2002. I gave my authorization for my checking account to be charged. This was to be done in monthly payments of $39.99. The amount of $187.94 was deducted from my checking account on July 18. Thank goodness nothing bounced. I called immediately July 18th to cancel my order, explaining that the wrong amount was taken from my checking and I needed it replaced immediately. I spoke with Ruby. She told me that my order was in "banking" and she could do nothing about the money in my account. I called four other times up until July 31st. I spoke to several other customer service reps and spoke to Ruby again. I even faxed her a copy of where the money had been ACHed from my account. Although she received the fax, my money was still not returned to my account. Every time I called, I specifically told your representatives to cancel my order. On July 31st I spoke with Julie. She seemed to understand the problem better than the others had. She assured me that she had ordered a refund. Before we hung up she happened to mention that my order had already shipped. This really upset me since I'd been calling to cancel the order since July 18th and I told her that I was not paying shipping to return something that I had canceled repeatedly for two weeks. Once again, she was helpful. She must have seen that I had indeed made calls since July 18th to cancel. She told me that if I was at home when the order arrived UPS to tell them to return to sender. I wasn't home and UPS left the order on my front porch. I called UPS to come pick it up. They wouldn't pick it up without charging. My refund was returned to my account on Aug. 5th. The order arrived several days after that. I tried to contact customer service on two occasions to let them know that the canceled order was at my house and needed to be picked up. The wait for a customer service rep was too long and I had to return to work. That brings us up to today. When I looked at my checking account online this morning, $207.93 was pending to be deducted from my account. I called the bank and was told I couldn't officially file my dispute until the money was out of the pending stage. I repeatedly asked customer service to cancel my order and it was shipped anyway. I did exactly what Julie asked me to do regarding UPS. You have taken money from my checking without my authorization which has already resulted in insufficient funds. I did not want the product that was left at my door although I canceled the order two weeks prior to shipping. Your very rude customer service rep told me that she would put a "call tag" for UPS to pick up. She would not even address the issue of the money taken from my checking account. Only saying that she couldn't do anything about it and there was no one there that was above her. This is ridiculous! There is certainly someone there who could reverse the ACH on my account. You are taking funds from my account for something I didn't want and called to cancel more than four occasions! My bank will take care of this eventually, but I hope that they will do the right thing and do something right away. It is now August 27, 2002 and I have spoken with the supposed owner JUDY, who promised my money would be back in my account by yesterday. I have already turned them in to BBB and the FTC. I have over $200 in NSF charges in my checking account. I don't know how these companies stay in business.


provida life sciences -when should sales tax be charged for internet sales and when should it not be charged?  (Craig Shaltes, Carmichael, California)  When I ordered "the Smart Technique automatic Fat Loss program" from Provida Life Sciences after seeing it on a television infomercial, I was told that my credit card would only be charged $118.96. However, when I received my August credit card bill, I found that I had been charged $127.58. When I called Provida, they agreed that I had been told that my cost would be $118.96, but the added cost was sales tax (which , of course, had not been disclosed). They would not agree to reduce the charge amount to the agreed upon amount. 


Hydro Spa, Alert! - (Elizabeth Martinez, Monticello, New York) - Hydro Spa 13055, 49th Street, Clearwater, Fla 33762.  My sister's Jacuzzi was bought in 2001 and never worked.  she has called Hydro Spa for the last two years for someone to fix it.  She has had no luck.


Hey "The Good Guys,"  doesn't sound like you're very good!! (Amber Martin of Castro Valley California Reports)  I purchased a car stereo system from the Good Guys on January 10, 2002. It has never worked right, and three out of four pieces have needed repair. Good Guys is making me jump through hoops to get it all repaired. I spent $1000.00 on a stereo, system yet I drive in complete silence. I have nothing to show for my money spent because Good Guys has a lousy warranty system.


door to door sales alert!!! -  (Marshall Almeida of San Bruno, California reports)  On February 16 of this year I purchased a 2 year (24 issues) subscription to "Animal Baby" magazine from a door to door representative of First Class Sales, Inc. In May, when no magazines had arrived, I called the phone number on my receipt to complain. Their customer service rep told me it could take up to 4 full months for the magazines to begin arriving. On June 16th (4 months after the purchase date) I called again, and was told it would be looked into.  One month later I'd received no magazines and no response from the company. When I called back, the message on their answering machine said that First Class Sales, Inc. was no longer in business.


Curt and impolite sears customer service (typical of corporate america):  On or about the middle of May, 2002, I placed an order with Sears for bar stools. They didn't arrive in the 14 days, so I called. First I was told there was a problem with my credit. I have a high credit limit and don't owe Sears any money. I called the credit department. They assured me there was no problem with my credit, but without my knowledge or approval, they deactivated my Sears credit card and were in the process of issuing a Gold MasterCard. Because I had, at that time no Sears credit card, because of the deactivation, I reordered the bar stools on my regular MasterCard. Reorder was 6/4/02. On 6/19 I called to check the second order. I was told someone would call me within 2 business days with a shipping date. June 21, 2002, I called again. In a very curt tone from an order person, I was told "we told you on the 19th that someone would call you and someone will before 8:00 tonight. I asked for a supervisor. Shawn the supervisor tells me the exact same thing "someone will call you". I asked for the person over the entire customer service dept., asked to speak with her and was told by Shawn the supervisor "she doesn't take calls".

 I wrote a letter to Cindy Williams, the head of customer service, and sent a copy to Alan Lacy, Chairman, Someone from the customer service department did call me only to tell me my order had been pushed forward to July 5th. I have cancelled the order, and do not expect to ever hear from Ms. Williams or Mr. Lacy.


Sky Mall rips off consumer by making an unauthorized charge for $94.00 on his check card and failing to credit his account for $39.00 for a previous purchase.  The company then told the consumer it would take 2 months for them to credit his account for the unauthorized charge.


Home shopping network (hsn) - Consumer ordered a Spa-In-A-Box from the Home Shopping Network.  They did not open it until two days later due to preparing the area for installation.  When they opened the box, they noticed the seams in the lining were separating.  They contacted HSN in March and immediately were given the run around!!  First they could not locate the account, then they said they would call back but did not call back until August.  Then the spa heater stopped working.  They wanted a refund.  It took from March of 2001 until August of 2001 to get HSN to respond!!   Finally, HSN told the customer they would send a label and they could send the Spa back.  However, only one label arrived and Fed Ex would only take one box.  That box was returned to the consumer by HSN. HSN said they would not take the spa back stating that the original customer service representative had made a mistake saying they would take it back in the first place. The manufacturer was called but would not replace the item. Now HSN refused to take it back because they said it had been to long.  However, as far as the consumer is concerned it is HSNs fault because HSN would not return their calls.  BOTTOM LINE -- THE CONSUMER WAS GIVEN A FAULTY PRODUCT.  DUE TO POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AT HSN.  NOW ANOTHER CONSUMER IS STUCK WITH FAULTY MERCHANDISE.  WATCH THIS COMPANY!!! HSN is a television shopping service.  You cannot go down to the store and talk face to face with the manager.  Think twice before ordering or take your chances. 


FRY'S, SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - Customer bought a Mitsubishi VCR.  She alleges that the salesperson told her it had a 1 year warranty.  The second time she tried to record a program, the VCR did not work.  When she contacted Mitsubishi she was told the VCR had a 90 day warranty.  It was to late!!  She's out of luck and out of $100.00. 


NAMO INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE - BEWARE!!  Customer ordered software from this company in March (invoice #24044350,) and has not received it as of July 20,2001.  Software has been paid for.  The company will not respond to customers e-mails or other inquiries for the product, nor will the company refund his money.  Use caution when ordering from this company.  


Sears Roebuck and Company, Outer Loop, Louisville, KY-  Customer wanted to pay cash.  Salesperson talked customer into opening a credit account by giving 10% off the purchase price.  Then, the salesperson told the customer that their would be no payments, or interest, until January.  Sears billed the customer in September but the customer did not open the bill thinking it was a sales letter.  Sears was actually beginning payments 4 months early.  When the customer did not send the payment because she thought it was not due until January, sears put 30 day lates on her credit report!!! HOW THIS CASE WAS RESOLVED:  Customer went through a lengthy process with Sears customer service to have the "lates" removed from the credit report.    IF YOU NEED CREDIT HELP, CLICK "HERE."   


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