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Petty officer 2nd class robert morgan an of duty Coast Guard rescue swimmer for driving his private boat to a burning 75 foot Casino Shuttle in New Port Richey , Florida and rescuing 3 people.

A Lioness in kenya who adopted a newborn oryx, the kind of antelope lions like to eat.  She had adopted another oryx, and protected it for two weeks,  before a male lion grabbed it and ate it.  Game wardens grabbed the new one while the lioness was out hunting because she wasn't feeding it and it would have died.  

Kevin wallace and jeff rushton who rode bicycles for 24 days from San Diego, California  to St Augustine, Florida to raise more than $110,000.00 for the "Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Trillium Breast Cancer Fund."

  State of California Proposition 36 which mandates rehabilitation for drug abusers with up to two convictions instead of jail. Also applies to parolees.  

 The Wichita Sheriff, who without regard for his own safety, grabbed a woman and directed her away from the cement supports and into the river when she was jumping from a bridge to commit suicide.

The U.S. Supreme Court for upholding our rights to unreasonable search by rejecting law enforcement request to use infrared to check the heat emissions from your house without a court order.  The original case involved a citizen growing marijuana in his house and using heat lamps.  He was discovered by a helicopter flying overhead and taking infrared imaging to discover heat patterns in the neighborhood. 

The King County Mental Health Court in Seattle, Washington and local Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys for working with the mentally ill instead of jailing them.



Texas Fundamentalist Mormon Cult for having sex with underage girls and forcing them into marriage.  Over 400 persons removed from West Texas settlement.

Georgia District Attorney and judge for prosecuting and the sentencing Genarlow Wilson to 10 years in prison for having consentual oral sex with another teenager.

Representative Foley (Florida) for his abuse of his position of authority and his affinity for pedophilia in his search for young pages in the U.S House of Representatives.

Senator John Kerry (Massachusetts)  for implying, during a recent speech, that members of the military are uneducated and join only because they have no place else to go.  

brent Caldwell of prior, oklahoma for crahsing a single engine aircraft while flying without a pilots license and under the influence of alcohol.  The crash resulted in the death of 2 passengers.  

 Pfc. Lynndie England, and Specialist Charles Graner for abusing Iraqi prisoners and appearing in photos with naked Iraqi prisoners.  Both have been court martialed and sentenced..

ELICIA BATTLE OF CLEVELAND, OHIO for lying to authorities about loosing a lottery ticket and accusing the winner of finding it and cashing it in illegally. 

Scott peterson of modesto, california for his incompetent handling of events after his wife's death, and his activities subsequent to her death which casts a cloud of suspicion around him (assuming he is innocent until proven guilty). 

42 year old steven brasher of bandera, texas for shooting Willie Lawson 39 because he drank his last beer.  He has been sentenced to life in prison.  U12/6/2

stacy pryor of shreveport, louisiana for keeping her 4 year old daughter in a closet and allegedly beating her with an extension cord.  The 4 year old girl was malnourished and weighed just 20 pounds.  She was taken to Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport.  She was in severe pain, unable to walk or talk and barley able to stand.

Ray marsh of Noble, Georgia who scattered bodies of the deceased over the countryside and stacked them in various containers when he was supposed to cremate them.  Some bodies had been there for 15 years.  He stated that, "the incinerator didn't work."  Amazing!!

lt. col. mcSally, a female USAF fighter pilot stationed in Saudi Arabia who tarnished the image of an Air Force Officer.  She embarrassed the United States Government, by challenging the religious customs of the host country, Saudi Arabia, because they require women, when appearing in public, to wear a robe or abaya, regardless of religion or nationality.  She went public with her complaint when she didn't get her way by going through military channels.   She sued the Department of Defense and insulted the Saudi Government.  The military gave in to her demands,  but the Saudi Government didn't buy it.  Fighter pilot maybe, Air Force Officer, no way!!!  Time to resign Colonel!!!!      

ringling bros. and barnum and bailey circus star mark oliver gebel, the son of the famous trainer Gunther Gebel Williams, for inflicting physical abuse on an elephant while being paraded into a circus performance in San Jose, California.  He has been charged with "Elephant abuse."

george o'leary, short time football coach at Notre Dame for lying about having a Masters Degree and including other falsehoods on his resume.  Coach O'Leary has resigned!

the mayor of bridgeport, connecticut, Joseph Ganim, 42, for being charged with 24 counts of racketeering, extortion, bribery, mail fraud, and conspiracy.  Nine additional people have pleased guilty to various charges involving $425,000 in bribes.  The mayor claims he's innocent and won't resign.  Oh well!!

JEAN NEWMAKER, 48, OF GOLDEN COLORADO for being present and allowing psychotherapists Connell Watkins, 53, and Julie Ponder, 41, to wrap her step daughter, Candace Newmaker, 10, in a blanket from head to toe and ordering her to fight her way out to simulate the birth process.  Candace died.  Therapists are serving 16 year sentences.  Ms. Newmaker was ordered to perform 400 hours of community service and undergo psychotherapy.  

GAIL BESEMER, A DAY CARE WORKER EMPLOYED BY a church corporation called  ABUNDANT LIFE ministries for leaving a 2 year old in a van for 3 hours subjecting him to temperatures of 140 degrees.  The child died.  Ms. Besemer is facing felony neglect charges and Reverend Marcus Triplett, the president of the corporation could face 30 years in prison if the church is found guilty. Pretty sad!!

JUDITH MCCLOSKEY, 41 OF BANGOR PENNSYLVANIA for holding a party for 50 to 100 teenagers  and allowing them to drink alcohol which resulted in a car wreck killing three of the teenagers who had attended.  Hey parents, this is a no brainer!!! Don't buy booze for your kids or their friends!!!  Ms. McCloskey faces 5 years in prison on each count.

THE PARENTS OF LITTLE LEAGUE PITCHER DANNY ALMONTE  for falsifying his birth records showing him to be 12 years old when he was actually 14 years old.    

The Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island  for using $7500.00 in campaign donations for his grandchildren's Christmas and birthday presents.  He has, also been charged by federal authorities of racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, witness tampering and mail fraud.  

Two of the Four Judges at the Brazoswood High School in Clute, Texas who admitted altering the scores at the cheerleading tryouts at the direction of the cheerleaders' faculty sponsor, Lynn Smith.  

THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY:  For not abiding by a 1998 agreement to stop marketing cigarettes to children ages 12 to 17.  Advertising dollars have increased for advertising Camels, Marlboro, and Newport since the 1998 agreement.    

Blockbuster Video for ripping customers off by charging late fees when returns were not late and changing policy without notifying their customers.


25 year old lord hampton who stabbed Chaunte Jones, beat her with a rock then buried her alive.  She was 14 years old and pregnant.  He received life in prison without possibility of parole.

24 Year old Charles bonoit who barbequed a kitten alive on a barbeque grill in Missouri.  Several other people watched in amusement.  A witness pulled the 7 week-old kitten from the hot coals and sought help but it was to late and the kitten had to be put to sleep.  Benoit has been jailed in lieu of $10,000.00 bail.  Hopefully, he will be jailed for a long time, if found guilty.

John walker lindh the 20 year old California native who fought for the Taliban and  against his fellow countrymen in Afganistan.  A tragic reminder of the inability of some of those among us to appreciate our freedoms.

catholic priest john geoghan, 66 for molesting a 10 year old boy and more than 130 people during the three decades he served in Boston area parishes.  He faces 84 civil lawsuits.  A sad case of a religious figure in a position of trust violating that trust.  Found Guilty on 23 January 2002.

19 year old jeremy gettman who smuggled a duffle bag full of bombs and guns into his high school with the intent to shoot students and teachers and toss bombs into crowds at Southside High, in Elmira, New York, on Valentines Day.  He surrendered after being turned in by a student for passing threatening notes.  He has been sentenced to 8 1/2 years in jail.

South Africa's epidemic of child rapes:   More than 21,000 child rapes occurred last year in South Africa involving children ages 8 months old and up.  The myth that having sex with a virgin will protect a man against aids is behind this horrible statistic.  A backlash has begun with over 3000 men marching in protest against child abuse and violence against women.  

carl corbett, 24 years old, of monroe, connecticut for chaining his 3 year old daughter to a 25 pound bucket of dog food for several days as punishment for sneaking a piece of bread.

Barbara and Kenneth Atkinson who locked their 8 year old daughter in a closet for 4 years.  The daughter weighed only 25 pounds when rescued by law enforcement officials in early June 2001.

Robert Courtney, a Kansas City Pharmacist for diluting cancer drugs Gemzar and Taxol prescriptions before selling them to customers. Some prescriptions were diluted as much as 39%.  All in the interest of making money.  Sentenced to 30 years in jail (05Dec02).

THOMAS AND JANICE REED OF LANDSLIDE PRODUCTIONS for running a worldwide child pornography operation.  Their arrest resulted in further arrests of people connected to the child porn industry.

Mr. Burnett of San Jose California who pulled a Bichon Frise dog named Leo out of his owners car and threw him onto a freeway where he was killed.  He was found guilty of "Felony Animal Cruelty" and was sentenced to 3 years in jail.


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Last modified: March 22, 2011, 0645 CST