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TRAVEL tips 

Arrive at the gate at least 1 hour before departure, get your seat, and avoid that center seat!!

Cheap tickets get bumped first on over-sold flights..  

avoid that dreaded security wanding by making sure you empty all pockets of metal objects, take off all metal jewelry including watches, remove glasses with metal rims.  Put objects in the pocket of a coat, if you have one, and put it on the conveyor.  Empty pockets before you get to the front of the line so you can hurry through.  If you don't set off the metal detector, you probably will not be wanded and frisked unless you are selected for a random search.

Try to carry on your luggage, to avoid loss.  Or carry one bag with overnight essentials! Under the new law, you may carry on 1 bag plus a purse, briefcase or computer bag etc.

You may "gate check" luggage that will hot fit in the overhead.  This means you can carry it onto the airplane first.  If it will not fit, the Flight Attendant will check it for you.

Make reservations 7 to 30 days (or more) in advance and get cheaper tickets!!!

Flight Attendants are not required to help put bags in the overhead bins due to possible "lifting injuries."

SHOP PRICES!!  Airline ticket prices are extremely volatile, and good deals can be found.  www.travelocity.com, www.priceline.com, www.airntour.com can also be of help, sometimes. 

Join a "frequent flyer program,"  a "frequent guest program," and a "frequent car rental program."  Lots of savings available.  

Children under two are free and may be carried on your lap.  However, if a seat is available next to you, you may put the child in that seat. 

American Airlines has more legroom in most of their aircraft.  Eventually, all aircraft will be modified for more legroom.  This is a major plus, especially for "big" people, on long trips.

Key West, Florida has many hotel and resorts which require a ten day to two week prior notice in order to cancel reservations without a significant penalty.  BEWARE!!!  This is a rip-off and will cost you plenty of money if you get sick, have an emergency or other problem and can't show up. 


ALWAYS CHECK THE CANCELLATION POLICY OF YOUR HOTEL, RESORT, CRUISE, ETC!!!  Avoid hotels etc. that have a cancellation policy which requires cancellation more that 3 days prior to your reservation!!  Most hotels in the United States have a same day prior to 6PM cancellation policy. 

Going Abroad?  A few tips!!!  Don't be in possession of drugs!!!  Better not to drive in a foreign country!!! Watch those prescriptions and keep a copy of the written prescriptions with you.  Also watch those muscle enhancing supplements and keep them in the original containers.  Don't carry firearms, Don't carry pornography.  Don't get drunk and act up in public.  YOU DON'T WANT TO GET ARRESTED ABROAD!!! 

Washington DC Speed Traps!!!!!  Going to Washington D.C. for a vacation or business?  Watch their automatic radar reporting system.  As the police cruiser passes you he reads your speed.  If speeding, he automatically takes a picture of your license plate and traces it to you.  You receive a ticket in the mail.

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Last modified: March 22, 2011, 0645 CST